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[Rumor] EOS 1D-X Delayed Even Further?

The info comes from CR. Looks like the mysteries around the shipment date of Canon’s next professional flagship are entering a new round. After shipping has been delayed for eight (8) months. Among the possible causes the following have been discussed: […] blame being placed on battery approval in Japan, FCC approval in the United States, production issues with certain parts of the camera, serious firmware issues that had to be resolved […]. Canon doesn’t say a word about the reasons. A few days ago we reported that first production models of the EOS-1D X are shipped to selected professional photographers for Euro 2012 and the Summer Olympics. Now CR reports that the 1D-Xs shipped to these selected photographers are indeed pre-production models, not production ones. If this is true, then Canon may definitely have some serious issues to solve with the EOS 1D-X. The mystery continues…

For the time being the EOS 1D-X can be pre-ordered at Adorama (click here), B&H (click here), Amazon US (click here).

[via CR]


  • Ojojo

    For a flagship pro sports camera to miss the Olympics is pretty unforgiveable. Must be some very serious issues here.

    • Sahaj

      Like an olympic athlete with a hamstring injury.

      Would any professional want to shoot a major event with an untested pre-production camera?

  • Anon

    That is seriously fucked! CAN NOT BE TRUE… Canon would never miss an opportunity like the Olympics to debut their new flagship camera.

  • Sky

    ROTFL. Pathetic. And think that this camera won some “camera of the year” titles back in 2011! What kind of idiots voted for it when there’s a chance it won’t hit the shops before 2013?!

  • spidey

    Canon sucks,I must buy Nikon.

  • Gabriel

    Maybe it’s a good new, after the problems with EOS MKIII and nikon D4/D800, it’s time to release well tested and bug free camera. Not all pro dream of being beta tester, but want a reliable camera.

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