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Rumor: Metabones Working On A Speed Booster For Canon FD Mount Lenses

Immediately after I reported about Metabones' amazing “Speed Booster” adapter for EF lenses, a trusted source contacted me and told me that Metabones is working on a Speed Booster adapter for Canon FD lenses as well. This adapter should have a lower price tag, since it is missing the electronic part.

Unfortunately there was no exact information about the road map, i.e. when the adapter will be announced, just that it shouldn't take much time.

Cool news! Being able to use good old Canon FD lenses is of great interest for a lot of mirrorless camera users (Sony NEX' for first, but don't forget the rest of the MFT crowd).


  • Bjorn

    I wrote Metabones and asked about a Canon FD adapter for the NEX and this is the response:


    YES, already on our product road map, just wait


  • Me


  • cosinaphile

    great developments

  • ced

    Great !!!

  • Alan Gottschald

    I have a substantial Canon FD kit and would like to use the lenses on my new mft cameras. I will certainly buy an adapter as soon as they are available, when you think what I spent on all those Canon lenses the speed booster can’t be too expensive. I want one.

  • Wes

    I have received confirmation from metabones that the Canon FD mount will be released this very week. I communicated with their info center via e-mail, and found that they will not be supporting pentax k mount, however. They would not reveal any pricing information, though I did inquire.

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