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[Rumor] New 70D and 7D Mark II Specs Surfaced

canonrumors breaks the news again with updated specifications of the upcoming APS-C cameras EOS 7D Mark II and EOS 70D. Both are expected to be announced for Photokina 2012. If these cameras will be announced in September, then the specifications should be already defined. Looks like the next xxD and xD iterations will both have an 18MP sensor, though it is not clear if it will be an updated sensor. Could this possibly be the definitive specs of the next two APS-C Canon cams…?


    • Digic 5
    • 18mp
    • 100% viewfinder with grid lines like 7D
    • 19 AF Points from 7D
    • Continuous AF in LiveView & Video Recording
    • September Announcement

7D Mark II

    • Dual Digic 5
    • 100% viewfinder
    • 61 Point AF from 5D Mark III
    • Announced after 70D
  • Physica

    if the 7D had a new sensor which had a better PQ , then it will be very promising….. But just improved the AF and using a new processor……and selling at a higher price…… sorry…. I will keep using my current 7D…..

  • Alan

    It has to be a new and significantly better sensor. Canon needs to compete with Sony sensors.. They can’t be satisfied with third best DSLR IQ behind Nikon and Pentax – their customers certainly won’t be!

  • LeGO

    If Canon is unable to develop a better sensor than what Sony can make, it might as well buy its sensor from Sony.

  • Folks, don’t be so critical of Canon. They have a few things up their sleeve we don’t know about and won’t till they want you to know. Canon knows what they are doing. They (Canon) did not fall off the Banana Boat yesterday. They know exactly what they are doing.

  • Rajesh Kumar

    Will AF Micro Adjustment feature adding with new upcoming 70d???which 60d doesnt have!!!!

    • Admin

      Good point! We don’t know so far. But if the 70D takes the X0D line-up back to a semi-pro level (as rumors suggest), then it could have this feature

  • deardorff

    If Canon really knew what they were doing many former Canon shooters would not now be using D800 and D600 Nikons.

  • Gavin

    Yes but then some of us left Nikon for the 1DX

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