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[Rumor] One More EOS 6D Image Leaked (Update: Fake)

Update: It’s a fake.

Thanks to the reader who sent me the picture!

I got another image of the EOS 6D in my inbox. Still not sure it is real, though the “6D” logo looks less photoshopped than in previous images (but look at the “E” in “EOS”). For the (supposed) specs of the EOS 6D click here.

Do you think the image above is a fake?

  • Yes (80%, 466 Votes)
  • No (20%, 115 Votes)

Total Voters: 581

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  • ssrdd

    who cares??????
    any way its a bum for the money and options.

  • Last Ninja
  • Jun

    I wish this one stay 2k Love the camera..

  • jake

    one thing I am very 100 percent sure about Canon is Canon does not have the killer sensor for any upcoming new camera for while , so if you want at least a bit of evolution from Canon, then you need to wait at least 3 years or longer to see somehting really interesting.

    until that sensor tech breakthough happens , all cameras coming out of Canon,Nikon are crappy me-too, minor-change of something already existing in their line.

    Personally, I think I ignore all these minorchanges from Canon/Nikon and my try the A99.

    Maybe Canon is dead at least in my head.

    • ULF

      well only a moron would buy sony when he cares about lenses.

      all cameras are fantastic today.
      al can be used in teh right hands to produce great art.

      but some systems are more polished then others.

      and if your serious there are only two choices.. canon and nikon.

      because they have the biggest SYSTEMS behind them.

      and that counts more then some fancy features.

      • Paul

        Well said ULF

      • Gabriel

        And it’s worse for Sony E-mount, new body every 6months, and few new native e-mount lenses. The best is the e-mount FF camcorder, no native lenses, you must use an adapter for a-mount lense to use it :)

      • Mark

        “Than”. More than. Stop calling people morons.

  • B

    I want a 70D with high bit rate for video, better lowlight, and 1080p 60p. Is that so hard? Sony is doing that, and so is Panasonic with their GH3. Come on Canon, I’ve chosen you and am willing to give you money! Now just give me something to buy.

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