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Rumor: Two New Canon EOS M Cameras Coming This Year?

Canon eos m

Two new EOS M system cameras in the coming months? That’s what a new rumor suggests. Canon may try to relaunch the EOS M system (price & specs) with two new cameras. One being the replacement for the actual EOS M, the other being a more pro-oriented camera, a higher end model with viewfinder and other accessories. There could also be three new lenses for the EOS M system.

But the best part of the rumor is this: the auto-focus on the new EOS M models is said to be “class leading”.

The EOS M with the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM lens is now available for just $499 at Adorama (click here), B&H (click here), and Amazon (click here). Please note: the final price shows up when the item is added to the cart.

[via CR]


  • Lucasz

    The Canon board must stop treating the mirrorless sector as a threat, or be replaced. It’s the future. I got a Fuji X-E1 this week and the results are just blowing me away. Dynamic range, colours, features and size – a new magnitude of order.

    If Canon don’t soon start properly addressing mirrorless they will never be able to repeat this week’s brag that they’ve had the lion’s share of ILC for the last ten years.

    • jsujwe

      you suond like a moron….. the fuji camera is in everything worse then todays DSLR´s.

      • Lucasz

        I may sound like a moron but I’m not sure I can really apologise for it. I am what I am.

        The Fuji X-E1 is worse than all of today’s DSLRs? Well I don’t have all of today’s DSLRs so I can’t argue. But I do have some of today’s DSLRs including a 5D, a 1D and a 1Ds. The Fuji quite easily stands comparison with them in image quality. It doesn’t focus as quickly – but the XE-2 will have all the updates of the X100s – and at the moment it’s no use for sports. But it’s the future.

  • jsujwe
  • Eric

    70D is not announced yet
    7D2 is not announced yet

    If Canon planned to introduce a high-end EOS-M, what’s the point to have 100D?

    • Lucasz


      The only think I can make of it is a confused strategy. The 100D was an alternative to mirrorless. My feeling is that Canon wanted mirror-less to just go away because it presents eventually a real threat to flapping mirrors. It hasn’t gone away (although sales in both sectors have fallen in the past year) and Canon is now forced into belatedly competing in that sector. But I’m just a moron!

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