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Some Specs of Rumoured Canon 4K Camcorder Leaked

Canon 4K
Canon is rumored to announce a 4K camcorder in 2015, the XC10. First specs leaked at Canon Rumors:

  • Direct competition to Sony’s X-70
  • Sensor size will be about 1″
  • Form factor will resemble the Canon EOS C100 on a smaller scale
  • Priced around the Sony X-70
  • It will definitely be 4K

What do you think?

  • xandix

    First !

    VERY Good Idea from Canon.

    Competition is always good.
    Same feauture as X70 (1″ Sensor, ND-Filter, SDI-out, etc.) and with LANC-Control and all the WIFI-features that the XA20/25 have would be a very good competition to the X70.

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