How Does Canon’s 20 Years Old EOS-1D Image Quality Hold Up?

Canon EOS-1D

20 years ago Canon released the EOS-1D, the company’s first attempt in the professional digital camera market. How does the image quality compare nowadays?

At a glance:

  • Magnesium body, environmentally sealed, based on the Canon EOS-1V
  • 4.48 megapixel CCD sensor (primary colour filter)
  • Focal length multiplier: 1.3x
  • Maximum burst speed of 8 fps for up to 21 JPEG frames or 16 RAW frames
  • ISO 200 – 1600 in 1/3 stop steps, ISO 100 or 3200 available from a custom function ISO sensitivity bracketing
  • Evaluative, Partial, Center-weighted, Spot and Multi-spot metering
  • Shutter speed range: Bulb, 30 – 1/16,000 sec (1/500 sec flash X-sync)
  • Noise reduction can be enabled for exposures 1/15 sec or slower
  • 100 percent viewfinder coverage meeting professional needs with adjustable diopter and eyepiece shutter
  • 45-point Area AF for compositional freedom, and 21-zone metering
  • 10 white balance modes and WB bracketing functions, including setting Kelvin values
  • Voice narration recording with built-in microphone–maximum of 30 seconds
  • 21 custom functions and 25 personal functions, which can be stored into function groups

EduardoPavezGoye wanted to find out and discusses his findings about the Canon EOS-1D in the video below. I think the image quality is pretty good for a 20 years old digital camera with a 4.5MP sensor. Sure, you won’t print large formats, but still.

More about the Canon EOS-1D at Wikipedia. If you are curious, you’ll find the Canon EOS-1D press release after the break.

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Guest Post: Canon EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1D Mark II N – Two Budget Professional Camera Options

This is a guest blog by Carl Garrard of Photographic Central. Carl is a photographer and gear reviewer with focus on cameras that are still highly capable despite their age. You can follow Carl on his blog. Carl’s post appeared first here. Carl also posted a pretty interesting review about the Canon EOS 40D.

Both cameras can be found on eBay: EOS-1D Mark II N | EOS-1D Mark III

Canon EOS-1D Mark III and EOS-1D Mark II N – Two Budget Professional Camera Options

This is a continuation of my series of articles about highly capable cameras for those of you on a budget. This article is for professionals, or those seriously seeking to be professionals. I chose these two cameras for review because you can get both for about $900.00 used if you play your cards right. Considering you’d have to pay about ten times that much when they were new to get both, I’d say they qualify as excellent subjects for my budget article series here. Warning: These are top quality professional instruments. If you haven’t held a Canon 1D series camera before (or a Nikon equivalent), you still don’t know what a top quality professional instrument feels like. I thought I did, I was wrong. And before those 5D guys jump on my case I say to them: Pick one up and use one before you reply, and you’ll know. Then, you’ll just agree and we can be friends again. 

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