Industry News: GoPro Announced The GoPro MAX With Dual Lenses And Front Facing Display

Gopro Max

GoPro announced the GoPro MAX, a weather sealed, dual lenses action camera with a second, front facing screen.

Preorders are open at $499.99, shipping starts October 24, 2019: Adorama | B&H Photo | GoPro website

The GoPro MAX is a dual lens GoPro camera that maxes out on versatility —it’s like having three cameras in one. Use MAX as a waterproof, maximum-stabilized single lens HERO camera, dual lens 360 camera or next-level vlogging camera with its built-in front facing display and shotgun-mic audio capabilities. No matter how you use it, MAX delivers next-level, unbreakable video stabilization with Max HyperSmooth. MAX also features four digital lenses, including the new ultra-wide Max SuperView—GoPro’s widest field of view ever. Additional updates include in-camera 360 video and photo stitching plus keyframe-based editing of 360 content in the GoPro app. GoPro MAX is like no other camera in the world—perfect for innovative users looking to take their creativity to the … errr…MAX!

The video below introduces the GPoPro MAX.

Canon To Get A Stake In GoPro’s Future?

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We have been told that Canon is interested in GoPro’s business and might make a move to step into or get in some way a hold on GoPro.

For Canon it might be especially interesting to have access to GoPro’s intellectual assets. This means

  • expertise in app development
  • online features
  • know how about video compression
  • know how about digital video stabilisation

The suggestion comes from a new source. However, it makes sense. Despite a patent we found years ago, Canon never entered the action camera market.

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