Canon ME20F-SH review by B&H Explora (the Canon camera that can see in the dark)

B&H Photo Explora posted their review and thoughts about the soon to be released Canon ME20F-SH, the full-frame camera that literally can see in the dark.

While the technology featured on the ME20F-SH will likely not find its way into the EOS-1D X Mark II and the EOS 5D Mark IV, it’s good to know that Canon has the engineering skills to develop and build such a camera. Even if this tech is not going to spill over into other parts of the Canon lineup in the near future, Canon shows once more who is the leader. Writes B&H Explora:

The Canon ME20F-SH presents itself as a unique tool for a wide range of applications. Part cinema camera, part surveillance tool, part studio camera, the camera is ready to serve anyone who wants to capture images in extremely dark conditions without having to sacrifice color or resort to infrared lighting and sacrifice nature color reproduction. While it isn’t necessarily meant to be an “A” camera for most productions, I’m sure wildlife and nature documentarians, cave and deep-sea videographers, and astrophotographers in particular, will be champing at the bit to try out the camera. With its ability to capture previously impossible shots, the ME20F-SH could help reinvent the very look and feel of ultra-low-light videography. Exciting times are ahead. Read the review…

Yes, I agree: such technology is exciting, and there are big things to come from Canon in the future.

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The BBC on Canon’s ME20F-SH, the ISO 4.5M camera that can see in the dark

Thanks Cheryll for the link. Trent Darby on YouTube posted a clip from a BBC show where they briefly talk about the Canon ME20F-SH, a camera with ISO 4.5M that literally can see in the dark (see here if you don’t believe it).

The Canon ME20F-SH can be pre-ordered at B&H Photo and will go on sale in December for select customers at $30,000.

From B&H’s Explora article about the Canon ME20F-SH:

Enclosing a super-sensitive full-HD 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor inside a small form factor body, the new Canon ME20F-SH Multi-Purpose Camera can record color images in near-complete darkness, while its cubic chassis can be placed unobtrusively on set or in the wild. While the sensor is only 2.2 megapixels (effective) in resolution, each pixel measures 19 microns, making it more than 7.5 times larger than an equivalent 18.1 megapixel 35mm full-frame sensor. This large pixel size allows the sensor to gather much more light in all situations. This helps images taken in low-light situations maintain a low noise floor for cleaner and more vivid video.

More Canon ME20F-SH ISO 4.5M camera footage: AURORA skycam video (nature filmed at night)

AURORA skycam TV on YouTube posted a video that shows the impressing low light capabilities of the Canon ME20F-SH, featuring a 2.2MP full-frame sensor doing ISO 4.5 million! This camera can see in the dark. Be sure to watch the video in HD.

All of us in AURORA skycam are very proud to exclusively present some of the first video footage shot with the amazing new Canon ME20F-SH.
Right in time for the next aurora borealis season, see northern lights filmed in Norway in an previously unkown quality. The short film shows nature filmed at night as you’ve never seen it before.
Facts: 12 days filming in August 2015 and 14,5 hours of footage have been cut down and presented in a 3 minute long video at the IBC 2015. On our tour we’ve been driving 4.600 km through Norway, chasing good weather, dark skies, northern lights, and Miss Aurora´s dance.
More info, behind the scenes pictures and film footage, together with reviews and more amazing content will be released on our website ( and in our YouTube Channel (…). Follow us, there is more videos to come soon.

The ME20F-SH sells for $30.000 and will only be available to select customers. Another video, posted by Canon Japan, is hereMore on the Canon ME20F-SH.

Did you miss the impressive performance of Canon ME20F-SH, the ISO 4.5M camera? Here it is!

In case you missed the astonishing low light performance of Canon’s new ME20F-SH camera, have a look at the video below. It shows Canon’s low light champion in action, and the examples are nothing but awesome and breathtaking. This is a must see!

The ME20F-SH has 2.2MP full-frame sensor and is a specialist camera that sells for $30.000 and will only be available to select customers. More on the Canon ME20F-SH.