Nikon Patent For Two Insane Lenses: 35-50mm f/1.2 & 50-70mm f/1.2


Nikon filed a patent application for two lenses that likely will never go into production. Did they file the patent just to show what could be made?

The two lenses discussed in the patent literature are a 35-50mm f/1.2 and a 50-70mm f/1.2. Sure, it’s feasible to manufacture them; but at what production cost?

Focal length: 35.00-51.60

  • F value: 1.23
  • Angle of view: 72.14-46.70
  • Image height: 21.70
  • Overall length: 210.04-168.19
  • Back focus: 17.77-25.82

Focal length: 51.60-70.00

  • F value: 1.23
  • Angle of view: 48.78-34.53
  • Image height: 21.70
  • Overall length: 210.03-169.53
  • Back focus: 18.93-26.72

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Nikon Might Have A Z Series Mirrorless Camera with APS-C Sensor Up Their Sleeve, Patent


It seems Nikon is working on a Z series mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor.

That’s what a Nikon patent application suggests. Patent application  2018-15571 discusses such a camera. The camera depicted in the patent literature seems to have no EVF (Electronic View Finder).

We are a bit puzzled. After the release of the Canon EOS R, there have been some weird rumors Canon could release an EOS R model with an APS-C sensor, which we deem to be utterly unlikely. However, if Nikon is set to release a Z series mirrorless camera with an APS-C sensor we can’t exclude Canon will do the same. There is however one big difference between the two manufacturer: Canon has a very successful APS-C mirrorless camera lineup with the EOS M, Nikon does not.

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