“NYC Textures” is a hypnotic stop motion video of patterns you see in New York City

ynon lan

I’m happy to feature a new work by NYC based artist Ynon Lan.

Ynon Lan is a director and animator living in New York City. In his work he enjoys combining photography, videography and different animation techniques in inventive ways. His latest stop motion video, the one we are featuring here, was shot over a period of two weeks. Ynon walked around different areas of Manhattan and shot thousands of photos of the most interesting textures. In his own words:

Once you start walking around a big city like [NYC] looking for unique textures, you can’t help but noticing this endless variety.

I think a whole video could have been made on the different types of bricks alone.

The project started with a short experiment Ynon shot on his iPhone in a subway station and then uploaded on his Instagram profile. The results were promising and so he started the “NYC Textures” project, using the same concept and techniques. After over thousand photos shot the video was ready to be made. All ambient sounds you here in the video were recorded on location.

Last but not least: Ynon doesn’t use fancy or expensive gear to realise his ideas. He uses a Canon EOS 550D and the EF-S 18-135mm kit lens. Kudos!

You can follow Ynon Lan on Instagram, Vimeo, or you can visit his website.

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