A Canon 8K Super 35mm Camera Undergoing Field Testing

Canon EOS R300 Canon 8k

We got an interesting tip (thanks) about a Canon 8K camera with a Super 35mm imaging sensor.

Not sure if the specifications we have been suggested apply to the rumored 8K Cinema cameras, or to another camera, maybe the Canon R300.

A Canon 8K camera with a Super 35mm imaging sensor is “in beta version” (we interpret this as undergoing field testing). These are the specifications:

  • 8K 3.2μm Super 35mm imaging sensor
  • High-Speed 3D
  • Dual Gain Output
  • Dual Pixel AF II
  • Dual Native ISO
  • DIGIC DV X (Faster AF, Faster I/O, Faster UI)
  • DCI 8K 60fps 12b RAW
  • 4K RGB (2-Green-pixel binning on sensor) 90fps 12b RAW Output

The source added that the camera has a “crazy image quality, higher IQ than HELIUM 8K S35 and VENICE 4K S35 mode in dark scenes“.

Ideas and comments welcome.