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Taming the beast: a tutorial for Canon’s AF system

We know that while being an advanced (possibly the most advanced available) and powerful Auto-Focus system, the AF sported on the EOS 5D Mark III and EOS 1D X can be confusing and overwhelming. Even Ken Rockwell wasn’t able to cope with it :-). There is a comprehensive guide released by Canon (right click here and save as) and oriented to all the photographers that want to master the AF system on their 5D3 and 1DX bodies. It’s a 40 pages document, and if you are looking for something more tutorial-like, then I have a good link for you.

San Diego based wedding photographer Ed Atrero posted a detailed tutorial about how to set and use the AF system on the 5D Mark III. It covers all the essential aspects and settings, and comes with lots of screenshots to exemplify everything that’s discussed. Click here for the tutorial.

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  • Gabriel

    OMG, why setup a camera became such complicated ?

  • Roy

    OMG, why don’t you learn to write properly in English first? All it takes is a grade school level education.

    • Nelson

      OMG, Maybe because English wasn’t his first language! Why not try to learn another language (probably can’ because of you limited brain capacity) and see how it feels when you make an honest mistake which then leads to a loser with no life who has to bully people for his own gratification on the net because he has a low self esteem and lack of self worth. His comments do not contribute one bit to the conversation and should just ask for forgiveness because he probably doesn’t even own the camera we are talking about in this post or have any business being on a computer.

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