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Tamron 150-600mm f/5-6.3 DI VC Sample Images


The Tamron 150-600mm has just been announced, a set of 6 sample pics (all shot in Yellowstone) showed up on the net: see them here.

[via dicahub]
  • dsadassa

    canon not open the page….. but what do you people think about the quality?

    • Andy

      I have to say it looks pretty good, even at 600mm, although all the 600mm shots are at f9. I want to see what it looks like at 600mm f6.3.

      • Admin

        look pretty good to me too

  • ts

    well, on my 5Diii @300 feet away from the subject; the the depth of field is 40ft total (20 in front, and behind) at f9 when shooting at 600mm. So with fortunately composed (or planned) photos you will get some nice isolation still. At f6.3 it’s about 30 feet deep, not all that much different on a long shot. Shooting on a 7D (or 60D) nearly cuts the DOF in half.

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