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This week’s wishmors round-up (5Dz, 5D4, Tamron lenses, with video!) [CW0]

Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to a new round of the freshest and most genuine wishmors (wishful rumors), all organically grown in reader’s minds. For the first time we also have a video (above).

Let’s start with a generic rumor:

Next week [editors note: this week] you’ll see a new Canon interview at a major photography website. In the interview Canon will reveal interesting details about its internal research progress on sensors and other matters. It will also confirm the project to support a new still image format in future Canon cameras.

New Tamron lenses coming:

New Tamron lenses for Canon to be announced in Q2-Q4 2016:

  • 19mm f/2.0
  • 25mm f/1.8
  • 105mm f/2.0
  • 150mm f/2.5

More on Tamron lenses:

New Tamron lens for Canon EF will be announced soonish: 75mm f/1.8 VC

An EOS 5Dz was born:

  • EOS 5DZ
  • 92 MP FF
  • 8 FPS
  • Swivel touchscreen
  • Electronic shutter
  • EVF

Have a great day and enjoy life! :-)

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