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Tutorial: Shooting Video with your Canon EOS Rebel Camera (3 parts)

Published on CanonUSA‘s YouTube channel, a three part video tutorial about how to best shoot video with your Canon EOS Rebel Camera.

Part 1 (above):

In this 1st video, you’ll learn what you need to get started with some basic filming and gear tips, including an overview of Canon STM lenses that are optimized for smooth, quiet focus during video recording.

Part 2 (below):

In the 2nd video […] we’ll cover more advanced features and settings for video capture going beyond basic, automatic settings. You’ll also learn some tips about how to take advantage of these settings for even better video results.


Part 3 (below):

In the 3rd and final video of this 3-part series, you’ll learn how simple it is to perform basic editing using Canon ImageBrowser EX software. Once your masterpiece is complete, you’ll learn some simple ways to share your video with family and friends.

[via TDP]
  • jeff

    Please… Larry Becker… An incompetent peddler. Photography needs to get rid of these guys who are surfing on opportunity rather than passion. Three years ago he didn’t even have a f*cking camera!

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