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[Videos] Canon EOS M Hands-On And Preview Videos

Videos featuring the EOS M are showing up on youtube. Here the last I found. If you are hunting for pre-order links (US, UK, DE, world-wide) and more videos and previews and various information about the EOS M then click here.

  • Tim Harrison

    I’m sure this will be a win for some “so called photographers” out there. But why do camera company’s continue to design and promote cameras without a viewfinder? What is so difficult about designing a camera that has full manual and some auto controls, 16 to 20 mega pixels, quality sensor, a good range of prime lenses (any half decent photographer can produce quality images with three prime lenses), flash sync speed of 1/200 or more, raw files, quality build, cool design whether it be modern or vintage looking, quality LCD screen but most of all a bloody viewfinder……… I don’t expect one camera to meet all my photographic requirements that is why I have two kits.
    But it would be nice if Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Hasselblad, Phase-One, Pentax would listen to the professional photographers and design a camera which incorporates all of the above at a reasonable price. At some point it would be great to find a camera that is small(ish) but has a great build and quality lenses to compliment a professional photographers kit. A camera that you would use when you need portability, ease of use but still want to maintain the quality that you get with your larger professional kits. I live in hope that one day this will happen.
    Fuji – Almost there.
    Leica – Expensive and not quite there.
    Canon – Not yet.
    Nikon – Not yet.
    Mamiya – Please produce a small light weight version of the Mamiya 7ii with the specs above. I know it is not the same thing but that would be a sweet camera. Just thought I would put it out there.

    I was really hoping Canon would tick all the boxes and allow me to use all my EF lenses and once again become an avid Canon supporter. Oh Well…..

    • Lars

      i want a sub 30000$ ferrari.. just the look with a decent 200ps engine.. should be possible?

    • Bob B.

      Tim….I think I have the best of both worlds. Canon FF kit and an extensive MFT Kit. They complement each other perfectly. Photography is so much fun with these choices at my fingertips.
      There is no magical perfect camera out there to satisfy ALL situations.

  • Lars

    before the trolls come in…. this is the SOCCER MOM model.

    there will be a pro modell too.

    so don´t waste your breath clowns.. canon will deliver.

  • sensor menu system looks so ugly and unresponsive in videos…

  • kakakakak

    great i can use all my EF lenses via adapter.. that is fantastic.

  • Wow that “european” ad is something!!!

    Now I can cook in the same table i have my expensive macbook pro laptop and my just bought aps-c canon M. WOoooHooooooo!!!

    • T-L

      I agree, and it shows who is this camera’s typical user by Canon – a gay with obsession in food documentation.. ;)

  • Jun

    Well, all the arguments from rumor sites are same and I get it. I also don’t like a camera without VF. But the fact is this camera is not made for people here, I think. It’s for the people who are not serious about photography and want some nice camera and still lighter and smaller than DSLR camera.

    Also don’t be frustrated at this point. When the camera maker made a new lens mount system, it seems they are going to make different levels of cameras too. Let’s wait for the photokina.

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