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[Videos] Hands-On Reviews And Official Trailers Of Canon’s New EOS 6D

Above: Official teaser by Canon Australia. More official trailers below. Hands-On videos are also showing up. Engadget has a preview and a video about the EOS 6D. Pre-order links:

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  • KFU

    i hope they will sell only 20% of teh numbers they have expected….

    you laugh at your customers canon?

    so we buy other brands!!

    what a POS this is.. and i have waited for it….

  • One More Thought

    This is not a bad camera, but it is overpriced. The cost of FF sensors has come down over time, just like all tech…and this is basically a 60D with a FF…it should be no more than $500 more than a 60D.

    This is also a tough sell given the specs of the Nikon D600, which overall seems a better buy, at least on paper. Nevertheless, even the D600 should be sold for less.

    Both C and N need to consider their target market for these entry level FFs. Who are they? Well, the pro’s have their models; at best these will be purchased for a backup. The enthusiasts who know about FF and can afford it probably already have or will buy the next model up, like the D800 or 5d3.

    That leaves the larger target market of those with APS-C equipment. But these users may already have lenses for crop cams, and so switching to FF will also require an investment in new lenses. And a lot of these people may not really understand what FF is or its advantages. So to entice this crowd to move up you need to price lower.

    In short, anyone who can afford a $2100 FF cam and cares about FF will probably just go to the next level higher. The rest will still see this as too much of a price leap.

    Both C and N need to target the actual market, instead of a price point. It’s not enough to say, gee, we don’t have a $2000 level FF, so let’s do it…they need to consider if there is a market for such an animal. Now if these cams were $1500, then they would sell well, and entice many hobbyists to move up.

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