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Canon EOS 6D – The Day After (previews, D600 comparison, pictures, etc)

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So it is here: Canon’s entry-level full frame DSLR. It has a price tag of $2099 for the body and will for sure heat up discussions in the next months. WiFi and GPS out of the box and all of Canon’s engineering know-how in a small sized full frame DSLR In this post I sum up the latest EOS 6D related resources I found on the Internet.

The Photographyblog compared the 6D to Nikon’s D600, key differences are highlighted. Next, you may watch a hands-on video by Engadget. Another hands-on by Gizmodo, and a long one by imaging-resource, a short one by slashgear. A hands-on by The Verge, with lots of pictures. Finally, DPreview published its usual hands-on review.

To pre-order the EOS 6D check the links below:

  • Nawaf

    I wish Canon would get off their high horse and have Sony make them sensors since their sensors lack DR.

    The 6D is a half ass effort from them. I mean atleast the AF should have been first priority. No f/2.8! One cross type! No f/8! 97% viewfinder! 4.5fps! 180th flash sync! No headphone jack!
    Is this a joke?

    I’m recommending the D600 to friends since their not tied to a specific system yet. Wish I could say the same for myself. I just hope the 7D mkII turns out better.. f/8 will be of the menu for sure.

    Sorry for the rant. It had to be said.

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