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Weather Sealing Torture Test: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV does great, Sony A7R III not so much

Weather Sealing Torture Test: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Does Great, Sony A7R III Not So Much

The folks at Imaging Resource decided to put four cameras through a weather sealing endurance test.

The tested cameras are the Nikon D850 (), Sony A7R III (), Canon EOS 5D Mark IV (), and the Olympus E-M1 Mark II (). Canon and Olympus did best, Nikon had some issues, and Sony showed once more  that their gear is as innovative as it is immature (i.e. in beta stage). Enjoy.

From Imaging Resource’s conclusion:

[…] we were sad to see the A7R III have such a hard time in this test. It’s a fantastic camera, absolutely at the cutting edge of what’s possible with photographic technology today. […]  Sony needs to up their environmental-sealing game if they want to compete in this high-end/professional market segment. We’d feel differently if all the cameras failed the test; we would have concluded that the test was just too harsh for the current state of the market, even though it was a reasonable representation of conditions a camera might be exposed to. That wasn’t the case, though; the D850 had a very minor problem with leakage into its viewfinder, that seems to be entirely solved by using the BS-3 hot shoe cover – and the 5DIV and E-M1II had no problems whatsoever.
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