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This Week Canon Watch Readers Photo Selection

Arsi Ikonen‎ – Brown bear with 7D + 70-200 mm F2.8 L. I like that lens!

How it works:

1) Submit your picture with a short description on Canon Watch’s Facebook page
2) Like and comment the pictures from other readers on the Photo Stream
3) A selection of the most liked pictures will be posted every Sunday here on Canon Watch

Show us what you can do with a Canon camera!

NOTE: if you post your photo late in the week it will be evaluated the week after. Nothing gets lost :-)

Aki Zenji‎ – Silent Night, EOS 70D+EF-S10-22mm — at Yongsan Army Base.


Dominick Chiuchiolo‎ – One of my first shots with the 7DMKII and 70-200 f2.8 IS II. Long Island, NY Swans. Tres Amigos


Matthew J. Taylor‎ – Working with Canons 85mm f/1.2 prime, this was shot in my garage, the first time i put the 85mm on my 60D. Makes me wish i could afford a full frame canon… — with Sharlem Nina.


Diego Eidelman‎ – Rose wine on a summer day, 5D Mk III + 100mm macro f/2.8L IS, f/5, 1/100″, ISO 4000


Terrell Woods‎ – The coming of the storm in SoCal


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