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5D3 accessories and 600EX Speedlite accessories available for pre-order at B&H

The following items are now available for pre-order at B&H

EOS 5D Mark III accessories:

Speedlite 600EX accessories

More world-wide pre-order options, and sample pics, previews, hands-on videos and more are listed clicking here.

  • Bob B.

    The SR-N3 above is Canon SR-N3 Release Cable for 600EX-RT Speedlite. So it should probably be moved down to the Speedlite accessories above. Not a remote shutter release for the camera. Just wanted to mention in because there is no photo on the B&H website for the preorder and it could be confusing. I was confused…but that does not take much! LOL!

    • Frank

      You’re right. Moved down. Thx

      • Bob B.

        Frank, found you by way of Micro 4/3 Rumors. Love your site ….your postings during the 5DIII release have been EXCELLENT and informative. I have a Mark II but will not be buying this anytime I have decided to buy the new 24-70mm f/2.8L zoom when it is available. …but you are doing such a good job showing the attributes of the Mark III you have me drooling all over myself!!!!!!!! LOL!
        Nice site!

        • Frank

          Hi Bob. Thanks for the feedback. And btw, buying a good lens is always a good choice.

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