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Amazing Fashion Shots Made With A Canon EOS M (Readers Work)

I am proud to feature a fashion shot made by our reader Chris McDuffie using a Canon EOS M. Despite the sluggish AF, the EOS M is a versatile camera and, as you can see, delivers outstanding image quality.

The title of the shot is “The Fifth Element”, it takes inspiration form sci-fi movies and high fashion. Chris used the following lenses for the shot:

All pictures are copyrighted by Chris McDuffie Photography. See more of his work at

If you want to share your pics and work here on, then feel free to contact me. I am using the EOS M while abroad in Myanmar (former Burma). If you want to see my travel pics then click here.


  • CanonEOSPunk

    Nice work, I like what you’re doing with the M. Keep it up!

  • anon

    Ummmm… “Amazing” is a little over the top, no? Amazing, to me, means “like nothing you seen before” these are top-notch and excellent, yes. But amazing? no.

  • Bob B.

    Nice work…great styling and incredible model.

  • Bart_Miachael

    Yes. Excellent. Wonderfully creative and Gorgeous model.

  • daniel

    hey anton ego, care to show some of your work?
    they are indeed amazing coming from such kind of camera that have taken quite some beat.

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