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Canon Announces The M15P-CL – An Industrial Camera With Nikon F Mount


Canon Japan announced the M15P-CL, a monochrome industrial camera with 15MP, and a Nikon F mount!

After the break you can read the machine translated press release, and you won’t find any mention of Nikon F mount. According to Dicahub (translated), who did a fair share of research work, Canon adopted the Nikon F mount because it is the mount type with the largest share in the industrial camera market. This is backed up by the folks at

The M15P-CL has a low noise CMOS sensor and should ship by the end of March. It is compatible with the Camera Link Interface. The Japanese product brochure can be downloaded here (hint: you can translate it via Google translator).

Below you see a pic of Nikon’s F mount (via Wikipedia), and indeed it seems the Canon M15P-CL has an F mount.

The Nikon F of 1959 embodies the original F-mount (via Wikipedia)
[via DicaHub]

Machine translated press release after the break.

Key Features

The new product is a test for a camera suitable quality and high accuracy is required in the manufacturing industry, the quality inspection of optical components such as solar panels and a liquid crystal panel, the digital single-lens reflex camera. the inspection process, which has heretofore been done by the human eye, shifted to test using the cameras are detected in the high resolution, the market is increased more and more in the future growth is expected. Canon entered the industrial camera market as a new business to capture these market trends, by applying the technical skills gained in the existing business.

It is equipped with a CMOS sensor for low noise and multi-pixel

It is equipped with the newly developed by utilizing the CMOS sensor of high sensitivity that has been cultivated in the interchangeable lens camera EOS series, the black-and-white CMOS sensor of 15 million pixels. To achieve a low noise over a wide dynamic range, and enables the inspection of high contrast. You can Thus, even test environment at low contrast under reflects the high-definition tone white / black, and to accurately detect defects such as foreign matter and fine scratches that can not be easily confirmed by the human eye.

Setting function contributing to the wide range of inspection power improvement

Brightness gain of the captured image when capturing the (sensitivity), and the like may be analog gain of the low noise (1 to 16 times) digital gain (1 to 16 times), 256 times the maximum to improve low noise It is equipped with a variety of configuration features that I made use of performance.

Compatible with Camera Link interface

It is widely used in the industrial camera market high-speed transfer is possible and the output of the image is compatible with standard interface standard Camera Link.

Market trends industrial camera (sensor area)

The total world market for image input camera inspection of equipment, we have estimated to be about 18 billion yen in 2013. The market for industrial cameras of the number of pixels in excess of 10 million pixels, in response to the increased demand, such as television and high-definition smartphone, significant growth is expected in the future, among others. Canon capture the market trends, by launching products with high added value, low-noise, multi-pixel, and then entered the industrial camera market. (Canon research)


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