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Canon USA selected the eGain 10 software suite for his multichannel custemer service.
This multilingual deployment will cater to the needs of both consumers and business customers through phone, email, social, and web channel”.
The eGain Press Release tells that Joseph Warren, vice president and general manager, Customer Support Operations for Canon U.S.A, said, “Canon customers are using a variety of agent-assisted and self-service interaction channels. With eGain 10 and its underlying Customer Interaction Hub platform, our customer service will be consistent, effective, and efficient across all touchpoints. Moreover, we can plug in new communication media as customer preferences evolve.”

“A highlight of the contact center knowledge management and web self-service applications is the eGain Multisearch™ capability. Unmatched answer findability is provided through the simple search box, which brings together federated content and multiple access methods (keyword and natural language search, dynamic FAQs, question matching, topic tree browsing, and guided help) and offers them with GPS-style navigation. These eGain applications will enable agents to resolve a broad range of pre-sales and post-sales customer queries, while empowering customers with the same capability through web self-service.”
eGain Press Release

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