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Canon developing a new technology to take new kind of photos?


French site Focus Numerique visited Canon’s Optics factory in Utsunomiya, a chance others had too. Focus Numerique interviewed three Canon execs about the company’s future strategy, products etc.

There is one answer in the interview that caught my attention. When asked about Canon’s future goals with lens development, this was the answer (machine translated from French, emphasis mine):

What will be the goals in the future? Further improve optical quality, maximum apertures, increase the zoom range of the zoom, etc. ?

I can not give you the ratios between the development of new products and the improvement of existing products. What I can tell you, though, is that we want to improve all aspects – including the ones you just mentioned – for the development of future products. None will be forsaken. Without being able to tell you more, we are developing a new technology that will bring real added value and will allow to take a new type of photo.

Well, that sounds intriguing. A “new technology” that will allow to shot “a new type of photo”, what could that mean? Liquid lenses, maybe? There were some pertinent patents for liquid lenses that surfaced in the past. What do you think Canon may refer to with a “new technology” for their lenses?

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