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Not To Be Sold In The USA: Canon EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens

 EF-M 11-22mm

Thanks Adam. According to the moderator of the Canon USA forum, the EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens will not ship and be sold in the US:

Thank you for your inquiry regarding the EF-M 11-22mm f/4-5.6 IS STM lens. We can certainly understand the confusion surrounding this release! Unfortunately, this specific lens will not be sold or serviced by Canon USA.

Why that? DigitalRev (price depends by check-out location) ships international.

Pre-order options:

Canon EOS M price check: Amazon, B&H Photo, Digitalrev, eBay, Adorama, Canon USA


  • Adam

    Kind of sad…was looking forward to using this lens. There is always the grey market. :-)

  • peevee

    If it is true, then combined with the fact that EOS M is out of stock everywhere it means that Canon decided to pull EOS M system out of US market completely, at least for the time being, and concentrate on selling SL1 to those who want smaller and lighter cameras.

    • Admin

      Good point.

    • John

      Within the last couple months, there was a (8 page?) glossy Canon brochure in my local newspaper. If memory serves, it covered just about everything, including the slow selling G1 X. Missing, was any mention of the EOS M. It appears that:

      1.) Canon is pulling the EOS M from the US market, or

      2.) Canon USA is ignoring the EOS M until there is a grand relaunch, the introduction of the EOS M2.

  • J

    Unfortunately cannot buy from the German amazon and ship to the US.

    Besides eBay, any other site have this available yet?!

    Any help would definitely be appreciated,

  • sneakerpimp

    this means i’ll prolly buy one from that twit at digital rev :(

  • AG

    Mirrorless is not big in the US, so the SL1 was designed fill the gap. Truth is, the SL1 is more reliable and versatile than most mirrorless anyways. Mirrorless has not addressed the core market in the US that is prone to buying the entry level Canon or Nikon DSLRs sold commonly. They are very expensive or not too gimped. There are no Rebel killers.

    • peevee

      Panasonic G series is pretty much it. They have the same IQ as Rebels, faster sequential frame rates, much better for video, articulated touchscreen, G5 and G6 have better controls, G6 has WiFi and NFC and pretty much the same price as Rebels (G5 and especially G3 are dirt cheap now). And of course they are much lighter with their lenses, and have some pretty unique lenses available for reasonable prices, like 14-42PZ pancake or 45-175 PZ (besides light and very cheap 14-42 II and 45-150). Distribution sucks though, I haven’t seen them in any stores alongside Rebels and Nikon D3xxx/D5xxx, and online you have to search for them to find them.

      • One More Thought

        I don’t know that the Panasonic G m4/3 series has IQ quite up to Canon Rebel APS-C standards…and there are not as many lenses available.

        With the new SL1, Canon now has a Rebel that can compete on size with many of the Panny G models.

        Granted, the lenses for Panny are generally smaller, but again, with Canon you have a much larger selection from which to choose.

        That being said, the Panny G series is very good, and you are correct that at least in the US the Panny distribution network is awful. You cannot find it any of the major retailers, and that is what really holds it back.

        • ben

          “Granted, the lenses for Panny are generally smaller, but again, with Canon you have a much larger selection from which to choose.”

          Puhleeeeeeez. I’d wager 95% of the SL1’s target market uses nothing but the kit lens. So you’ve got a larger, heavier setup than, say, the G5 — with fewer features, only slightly more useful C-AF, and a small OVF.

          Oh, and a 4+ year old sensor.

          Ugh. It pains me to think of the number of poor decisions that would go into making that choice.

    • ben

      “Truth is, the SL1 is more reliable and versatile than most mirrorless anyways.”

      The SL1 is a gimped, dumbed down Rebel. It’s small, yes; but pointlessly so, because it becomes relatively enormous once you attach any but the smallest Canon primes.

      Only a diehard ignoramus would praise the SL1 over, say, the Panasonic G5. And don’t even think about Olympus…

  • One More Thought

    Now it seems would be the perfect time to sell this lens in the US, after so many went out and bought the EOS M at such a low price. This lens has gotten great reviews and would probably sell decently.

    That being said, I do think that Canon will focus on selling the M in other markets and as John pointed out, do a grand relaunch with a second gen M.

  • in HK

    While I was in Hong Kong not too long after the EOS M was released, there were giant banners all over promoting the EOS M. Even an entire giant long wall in one of the MTR stations. I seen at least a half dozen people using it too. I haven’t seen that type of advertisement in California.

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