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Canon EOS-1D C vs EOS-1D X – More Than Just Firmware

Some time ago we reported a news saying that the only difference between the Canon EOS-1D X ($6,799 – click here for specs) and the Canon EOS 1D C ($12,999 – click here for specs) was the firmware and that the two cameras had the same hardware. Exactly the same hardware, and $7000 more to pay for the EOS-1D C and its Cinema features (4k recording). The information we reported (source: EOSHD) came from a Canon Europe product manager

Canon confirmed me today the 1D C 4K DSLR is a 1D X with a firmware update. Identical hardware. […] I also had a impromptu talk to a Canon Europe product manager who was very open and honest about Canon’s approach with this camera

The 1D C is a 1D X with a 4K firmware update. Canon’s man told me that the only hardware change was to do with the flash sync jack (or one of the other jacks if my exact memory fails me). So essentially the 1D X hardware – sensor, processor, everything – is capable of 4K video, 100%, no heat or bandwidth issues either.

But things are not as they appeared. Canon Rumors investigated further and it seems there is more than just firmware that differentiates the EOS-1D C from the EOS-1D X. While it wasn’t possible (so far) to find someone who agreed to open his or hers EOS-1D C and have a look inside, some more information came in about the EOS 1D C internals, saying that, yes, the CPU, the image sensor and the auto-focus system are the same as in the EOS 1D X, but there is «reworked circuitry and design to dissipate heat for the 4K recording». I guess the info came from someone at Canon. Sounds plausible, but does this legitimate the $7000 price difference between the two cameras? We will know for sure as soon as someone will open the camera. It’s a pity that Canon doesn’t release an official statement about this issue.

One of the reasons for the higher price tag of the EOS-1D C are taxes. In Europe, for instance, there are much higher import taxes to pay for the EOS-1D C than for the EOS-1D X. The reason is: the 1D C is classified as a video camera, hence the different tax tarrifs. Have you ever questioned why there is a 29 minutes limit for clips you record with your DSLR? For exactly the same reason. If a camera can record clips longer than 30 minutes it would be classified as a video camera and get a higer price because of the taxes.

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