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Canon EOS 5DS and EOS 5DS R news round-up


Canon’s new megapixel champions, the world’s highest resolution full-frame cameras started shipping, and reviews and first impression are showing up everywhere.

Some early thoughts about the EOS 5DS R by Ming Thein.

I expect in real terms the difference in pixel size is going to mean a tradeoff between resolution and dynamic range – though it’s too early to conclude for sure. I do believe that the gain in printability – assuming lenses that are of sufficient quality – will be noticeable. I’m also curious about some of the other lenses for the Canon system that have no Nikon equivalents – the 17 TSE, for instance, and the MPE-65.

Megapixel magic in the frozen north – Canon Professional Network

Travel photographer and Canon Explorer Lucie Debelkova was one of the first to shoot with the high-resolution EOS 5DS R and, as she explains to CPN, she found 50.6 Megapixels brought her much closer to the magic of the north.

Canon EOS 5DS review-in-progress (lots of sample photos) – Camera Labs

[…] if you want the highest possible resolution while staying with the EF system, the 5DS is the camera for you. It captures images with 8688×5792 pixels, compared to 7360×4912 on the D810, allowing you to output four inches wider at 300dpi. If we’re staying within Canon’s World, it’s a huge jump from the 5760×3840 pixels of the EOS 5D Mark III: you can output at 29x19in with the 5DS versus 19x13in for the EOS 5D Mark III at 300dpi.

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