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Canon EOS 5Ds (R) replacement rumors going wild

Canon EOS 5Ds (R) Replacement Rumors Going Wild

While we always told you that there will be no Canon EOS 5Ds or EOS 5Ds R replacement in 2017, others suggested there will be a such a replacement.

Latest murmurings have it that we will not see new versions of Canon’s high resolution DSLRs. Not in 2017, and no one has a hint it may be in 2018.

Then there are Canon’s innovative sensors, the 250MP and the 120MP sensors. These sensors are now rumored/speculated to go on the EOS 5Ds replacement. Both sensors are barely more than working prototypes. I doubt we will see these sensors on a commercially available DSLR anytime soon. However, these sensors were developed for a reason and they will go into mass production one day. And then it may well be a new version of the EOS 5Ds.

Stay tuned!

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  • Bo Dez

    Canon have said themselves that 250MP sensor will not be put in a dSLR. It can only actually read small portions of the sensor at any one time at full resolution. So it’s only useful for surveillance. There is a video on youtube with someone from Canon saying this while showing it’s capabilities, zooming in on a small portion the horizon.

    • Vortex

      “Canon have said themselves that 250MP sensor will not be put in a dSLR”


      some car prototypes we made at BMW can not actually drive. yet models we sale can.
      the 250 MP sensor in it´s current form will not be put in a DSLR. but that does not mean a 250mp sensor based on this protoype will not put in a DSLR.

      • Bo Dez

        They can not fit the processing power needed into a dSLR so it won’t be in the next 5DS R as suggested it may be. Maybe 10-20 years form now that may change.

        • Vortex

          10-20 years…lol.. you are really as clueless as they come.

          we already fit 100MP sensors in medium format cameras 2+ years ago.
          the readout speed for 250MP cameras at 5fps would be no unsolvable problem today…. not to mention 2-3 years from now.

          selling it for a price customers would accept…. that is maybe a problem.

          • 99Problems

            The a99ii takes 12fps, it takes another minute or so to process and record them. A similar LSI could be used for a higher res sensor, but like you said it’s a niche market. It’d probably be as interesting to have a digital 5×7 camera at that price point.

          • MdB

            That really depends how many you take. It buffers something like 80 frames at 42MP and that takes a minute or so to record to the SD cards which on that camera doesn’t support fast cards, so the bottle neck is the SD interface in that particular case. With faster cards that are already available that would no longer be a problem.

          • 99Problems

            It’s impossible to separate the sd interface from the rest of the camera, so it can’t be said what is the bottleneck. Sure, there are other cameras out there that are faster, but none of them are based on the bionz-x processor.

          • MdB

            Pretty sure buffer goes to card storage, there are basically no processes in between those two other than transfer.

            Uhm, faster at what? Writing to card? Then obviously writing to card is a bottleneck no?

          • 99Problems

            Whether raw or jpg, data off the sensor has to be processed to become a file. There’s more processing to become a jpeg, but even an “uncompressed raw” file requires packaging. This is a system, and like any digital system it runs on a clock, and that runs the processor, the buffer, the sensor, and all of the communications between these components. If it were as simple as changing the card interface, it would probably already be done. There could be a number of reasons Sony cameras don’t support faster cards, but it seems more likely they’ll need a new image processor and system chip to do so than them simply not feeling like it.

          • MdB

            Ah I see you point. My point is that writing to the card appears to be the bottleneck, rather than processing of the raw data off the sensor (not talking about RAW files here).

          • Bo Dez

            You can fantasize and be as rude as you like, this is what Canon have said themselves.

  • Tibo Fred

    Maybe canon wait photokina to fit next 5DSR in medium format form factor after Hasselblad X1D and Fuji GFX feedback. I dream

  • slclick

    Too soon. I don’t think any sane Canon users have the Sony mindset of a new body every other day. This is ridiculous.

    • Vortex

      actually i would be happy with a 50-65MP canon 5DS II that uses on sensor ADC.
      i don´t know why they did not use the latest technology in the 5Ds.
      they should have released it later but with the better per pixel noise that the new canon sensors with on sensor ADC offer.
      i guess canon felt the pressure from sonys A7R II and decided they have to show something or the canon customers who do studio and landscape work would switch to sony.

      • slclick

        It’s not about what you or I want it’s about development cycles.

        • MdB

          Considering the 5DS is just a variation on the current 5D with a different sensor… what development cycle are you talking about?

    • MdB

      What difference does it make to end users? Zero.

  • EnPassant

    50MP is already at the limit with current sensor technology used in 5DS(r).
    Look for exemple at the tests performed by photozone on the new 24-105 II with both 50 and 21MP sensors.
    Some border and many corner measurements are better for the 21MP sensor!
    The issue is the ray angle problem that gets worse with smaller pixels.

    • MdB

      That likely has more to do with the lens then sensor. It’s a mediocre lens at best. You don’t slap a walk around zoom on a high MP camera and hope it is going to perfectly resolve it.

      On the other hand Sony’s newer 42MP handles all lenses markedly better than the previous 36MP sensor, much much more than the 6MP difference would imply.

      • EnPassant

        Certainly some lenses are better constructed for very high MP FF sensors.
        But this highlights the problem. Because if increasing MP on sensors would not be a problem at all even a bad lens would not score worse at any aperture on the sensor with more MP.

        Photozone so far only tested a few lenses with both sensors. The only lens that clearly improves at all apertures and focal lengts tested is the new Canon 16-35/2.8 III zoom. Notably it has a large rear element, just like many Fujinon lenses, to make sure the ray angles are less steep.

        However lenses that are considered high quality like the expensive Canon 11-24/4 and Sigma’s 20/1.4 Art lenses also are worse on the 50MP sensor, typically at the widest setting and apertures.

        If more lenses were tested I am certain most of the wide primes and zooms starting with a wide angle would suffer from the same problem. Even quite new lenses are simply not made for such high MP cameras. And these lenses will not be replaced in many years.

        For longer lenses with a more telecentric light path the problem is much less if at all existing. Many would still be very usable with a 100MP sensor.

        As I have no A7R and A7RII cameras to perfom tests myself, nor know of any lab tests performed on both cameras with the same lens I cannot comment much about that.

        Normally 6MP more wouldn’t make much of a difference. However in this case we are talking about different generation sensors. Sony’s latest sensors have a different build and that can be seen in the results.

  • Rick

    This is most likely the already announced 120MP DSLR that canon said was in development.

  • animalsbybarry

    The 5DS(R) was not a great selling camera
    In my opinion this is because despite the higher resolution the sensor just does not perform at the level of the D810 or the A7Rii sensors
    I have used all 3 cameras… I can make an argument for either the A7Rii or the D810 being the best, but the 5DSR simply is not , in my opinion, in a league with the other two

    For those of you who shoot in good conditions…studio etc… I am certain you can can get excellent performance from the camera…. but when shooting in conditions that are less than ideal and where you cannot control the conditions the camera just does not perform

    That is my opinion based on my own use of the 3 cameras…. I am certain some of you will now dissagree with me

    • MdB

      I disagree, but the A7R II is certainly a better ‘all rounder’ than my 5DS. I’m very fond of the Canon nonetheless. Technically the Sony is better though with a greater shooting envelope.

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