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New Canon EF-S prime lens coming in April 2017?

canon rumorsEos 6d mark ii

It’s since a while that rumour are suggesting Canon will release a prime lens for EF-S mount (APS-C).

Well, the waiting may be over soon. Unconfirmed sources suggest Canon may announce this EF-S prime lens on April 5th. And they say it will be a wide angle prime lens.

Sounds good. Unfortunately the sources couldn’t disclose the final length of the upcoming lens. Someone hopes for an ultra wide angle prime lens.

Stay tuned…

  • They should really make a constant aperture STM (APS-C) zoom.
    (F2.8 would be great – But a small / lighter / cheaper F4.0 would be also ok.)

  • slclick

    It will be 2.8 that’s for certain. Let’s hope it will be 10, 12 or 15 and then it will make for a great Pancake Trinity

  • slclick

    It’s official, it’s a 35 (56 equivalent) which is weird. I have never heard anyone clamoring for something like this.

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