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Canon EOS 6D Mark II to be announced April 21? [CW2]


Canon EOS 6D Mark IIEos 6d mark ii

The Canon EOS 6D Mark II is becoming somewhat of a mystery, with no reliable rumors about specifications so far.

Latest rumor have it Canon may announce the EOS 6D Mark II on April 21, just before NAB 2017. This date was murmured at The Photography Show 2017 in UK. Last rumors also pointed to an announcement around NAB 2017. However, things are a bit weird

First and foremost, if Canon is set to announce the EOS 6D Mark II in April, by the time there should have been some serious leaks. But there were not. All EOS 6D Mark II specification doing the rounds on the Internet leaked here at Canon Watch, and never made it beyond a CW3 rating. We still do not have the intel we usually have less than a month before an announcement. We even are not 100% sure that the EOS 6D Mark II is among the Canon gear that recently was registered at a certification authority. Moreover, the EOS 6D Mark II is pretty late on schedule.

And what about the voices saying there will be no EOS 6D Mark II but a full-frame mirrorless camera instead? This scenario is less implausible than some little informed people wants you to believe. On the other hand, the Canon EOS 6D has been such a huge market success for Canon that it’s hard to immagine they will not go further on that path.

Below you can see what we have told the EOS 6D Mark II might feature:

  • 28MP sensor
  • 45 AF points (all cross-type)
  • Dual Pixel AF
  • DIGIC 7
  • Wi-Fi and NFC
  • GPS
  • Articulated touchscreen
  • 6 fps
  • HDR Movie & Time Lapse Movie
  • Electronic IBIS
  • 100% coverage optical viewfinder with some new features

If Canon is really set to announce the EOS 6D Mark II on April 21, then there will soon be more leaks. Stay tuned, we keep you posted.

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  • Taffy Roberts

    We’re talking Canon – there won’t be dual card slots or 4K on their ‘budget’ full frame. Nor will it be mirrorless.

    • Rick


      • Taffy Roberts

        So don’t be foolish enough to tease rumours that are completely baseless?
        Do you have nothing better to do than troll other people?

        • Rick

          wahhh! it’s a rumor site. if they get the info, they are reporting it and also writing their cautionary thoughts on it.

          put on your big boy pants and deal with it.

          • Taffy Roberts

            Seriously, Rick, stay off my comments. Your replies are redundant and just take up space.
            My big boy pants are on, and they don’t like dealing with incessant trolling.

  • man

    I’m really excited for the 6D2 to be released. With Dual-pixel, mirror or mirrorless is no longer a factor. EF lens mount should be kept.

  • 6D is the best Canon shooter I’ve ever had or used and I’ve had and used them all – 6d, 5ds, 1dss and slrs.

  • telemaque

    I am quite impatient to see this new 6DmkII. If the quality of the video is improved, in line with the current trend shown by the 80D, this new body would be VERY INTERESTING. The quality of video in the 80D is way better than the quality of ALL the other bodies. All the others have this bizarre “blurry/hazy” effect on the final video. Increasing the sharpness does not solve it. Sony’s video were showing incredible sharp videos in comparison, but color rendering is not nice. So I wait for the new 6DmkII and once available I will decide if I buy this 6DII body or the 80D. End of April is my anniversary and Canon would indulge me by launching the new body for my anniversary! :-))

  • SteB1

    NAB would be an odd place to announce the 6D mkII as the 6D was never really a videocentric camera. I’ve no idea of whether this rumour is right, because Canon usually runs a pretty tight ship as regards leaks. If it is right it would indicate video features on this camera which justify an NAB release.

  • Rick

    to be honest.. the real rumors sometimes don’t leak out until a few weeks before release.

    however I can’t see canon announcing this for NAB .. but I wouldn’t be surprised by a May / June announcement.

  • Wade Marks

    Would make sense to release it fairly soon. A lot of people buy their cameras just before their summer vacations, and this would make a great consumer cam for the higher end customer. It needs to be out by end of April to really capitalize on this trend.

  • Kay Pehnke

    The 6d2 has “only” 26MP and shoots at 6.5fps

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