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More about the Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumor saying there will be a FF mirrorless instead (coming both?)

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A few days ago I got a weird rumor, suggesting Canon may not release an EOS 6D Mark II, but instead launch a full-frame mirrorless camera.

I rated the rumor as CW3 for the plain reason that such a scenario is possible; maybe not likely but for sure possible. The EOS 6D Mark II is already late on schedule, and we know Canon is now seriously committed to mirrorless.

The rumor was picked up by big sites, still some people didn’t get the core message of the rumor (rumor, not report). The rumor did not suggest that there will be an EOS 6D Mark II with EVF or without mirror box. The source said there might be no EOS 6D Mark II and instead a full-frame MILC with EF mount. Well, it’s not as absurd as some people thinks.

Rumors are rumors, calling welcome rumors or rumors from long running sites as reliable, and weird ones or rumors coming from small sites as clickbait is just unfair, and entirely wrong. We all do the our best to deliver information. Most people doesn’t realise how long rumors are running on other sites. I saw a lens rumor going on for almost 10 years; was it clickbait?

Most comments on CW and mails I got, suggested that Canon might indeed release a FF MILC and the EOS 6D Mark II. In this scenario, the FF MILC could be an EOS 6D Mark II without all the tech needed for a DSLR, something like the EOS M5 vs the EOS 80D. I think this is could happen.

Back to the rating. A CW3 was appropriate. The rumor described a possible Canon strategy having a 50% likelihood to become real. There was no other intention. We report rumors when we get them, and these are always clearly tagged as rumors.

My personal take: a scenario where Canon will release the EOS 6D Mark II and, most likely some months later, a full-frame MILC, is what most likely could happen.

Stay tuned

  • reginald

    your CW rating makes no sense at all… sorry to say.

  • animalsbybarry

    Canon has not caught up with the best sensor technology available
    Sony is still way ahead, and even Nikon has recently filed a patent for this amazing sensor

    Canon has the ability to build an amazing camera and has the best lens collection there is

    But to be assured of mirrorless dominence they also need the best available sensors…and currently those simply are not Canon made sensors

    • Azmodan

      Stopping worrying about sensor performance. The current Canon sensors are more than good enough to be very competitive and if the sensor is affecting you’re work get a MF camera.

      • animalsbybarry

        If Canon sensors were the best available they would be “good enough”…they would have to be.
        But Canon sensors are not the best available, so why would I settle for “good enough” when I can get better than that ?

        • Azmodan

          Because clearly you prefer to waste time on measurement sites rather than take photos. A sensor is a small of the ecosystem and IMO it’s ridiculous to base decisions on sensor specs alone.

        • EF mount is dead.

          • Tel

            A mount was never alive, who has ever had an a mount camera??

          • Harlow

            Personally I’m passing on Sony’s mirror-less system. Its the equivalent of flushing money down the toilet. They’re an electronics company with a history of bailing on product lines when the going gets tough.
            I’d hate to be invested in one of their camera lines.

    • Associated Investigators

      Just more DR dribble. Award winning photographs are made by photographers and not by cameras and there’s plenty of them made by Canon shooters. Event shooters are still dominated by Canon FF. The people that typically “stand behind their sensors”, “don’t stand behind their cameras.” If the sensor from Canon is holding you back, sell your gear move over to the competition and start whining over there and don’t waste your time or ours. I can’t believe how many crying babies there are about this dead and stupid issue.

    • Rick

      Canon went to #2 in mirrorless using the 18mp sensor and a lower Dr 20mp sensor. Hard to say sensors matter.

  • Doug Hoke

    I love mirrorless, even Canon’s. Started with an M as an experiment. Picked up the M3 and started using it a lot. Just got the M5. Each step has been a significant jump. The catch is, no glass. Why have a small body if you have to use large lenses? So, most of my lenses are native, Rokinon. The trade off for small right now is losing auto focus. With focus peaking, no big deal for most of what I shoot (Daily newspaper work) For the times I need auto focus (sports) I pull out the DSLR. My theory is the EOS M line will replace the Rebel line. Most of the EF-S lenses are variable aperture zooms, geared for the casual user. If you had a big camera/lens or small camera/lens that were equally capable and the same price range, don’t you think most buyers would go with the smaller package? Carrying around a large camera is a real chore for some people I know. I also think that the next mirrorless will be a full frame using the EF line up. Having a full frame for their EF line makes great sense to me. Not replacing the DSLR any time soon, but as an additional option. I can totally see where Canon could replace the 6D (which is one of my current DSLRs) with a full frame mirrorless. Take the capabilities of the M5 and add to them and I think you have hit the market niche the 6D is aimed at.

    • stephan_ah


  • CameraGuy

    Hope to see a mirrorless system that will work with my EF mount.

  • Pancanikonpus

    Canon fanboys claimed sony mirrorless is too noob to challenge classic DSLR especially ff canikon DSLR. I am wonder why Canon come to ff mirrorless and not listen to their fanboys lol…

    • CameraGuy

      It’s called investing in a system. Anyways
      mirrorless are horrible in sports/birding. They will get there some day.
      Both systems have their strengths and weakness. Anyways, it’s not about
      cameras brands, it’s about taking pictures but armchair photographers
      are blind to that.

      • You are exactly right. Some people just create conflict for fun. I have no problem with brand loyalty. User what works for ya. I don’t go out of my way to bash other brands or what brand other photographers use. A real photographer won’t do that.

  • Joe Blow

    A full frame mirrorless? Are you serious? Canon barely has enough of lenses for its eos-m mount. Canon won’t invest in yet another lens mount — eos-m+?? Rollout more eos-m lenses.

  • Rumor sites should be for fun I would think. People enjoying speculating with others about what a certain company will do next. What they hope they will see in the future from them. But anymore it’s turned into a nasty word war with terms like “fanboy” used in a very condescending way. Or if you don’t use brand S or P or what ever brand mirrorless you are a bad photographer and way behind times. Why? My guess is for most it’s entertainment. Sad. I have read more than once on DPReview the phrase “Get the popcorn ready and go read the comments.” Even I’m guilty of reading the comments just to see how low some will go. It’s pretty easy to hide behind a handle and dish out insults. With most of the trolls on DPReview there are no photos or gear listed in their profile. Just comments…

    There’s nothing wrong with brand loyalty as long as one doesn’t use it as a chip on their shoulder. But in the end your work is what defines your photography. Not your gear. Some brands and models do certain things better than others. It’s always been that way and isn’t going to change as all the manufacturers strive to outdo the other and that is good for the consumer. Don’t like a brand? Don’t BUY IT! Going out of ones way to insult someone if they do is childish.

    I like to browse Flickr and I’m Mr. Low Notes on there too. If I Like a photo I Like it. I DON”T CARE WHAT BRAND OF CAMERA WAS USED TO TAKE IT!

    End of Rant. ;-) Thoughts? :-)

  • pbl

    Good news! Don’t care whether Canon release a new milc as long as they come up with a good ol’ mirrorslapping 6DII. As good as milc’s otherwise can be, I found that each and every one I tried has more shutter lag than even my old film camera. Not talking of AF but SL which review sites never really emphasize upon. Frustrating when trying to freeze that very fleeting moment or for run and gun photography.

  • Rick

    6D was released around 6 months after the 5D Mark III.. It’s not really late.

    There is probably a good reason for a EF mount mirrorless, it certainly makes more sense than a MILC replacing a popular camera model.

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I don’t see the name “6D” getting repurposed to mirrorless. That would imply that 5 and 1 models haven’t been “updated.” Expect a new name and for Canon to continue making DSLRs for many more years. But I do agree that this supposed mirrorless and 6Dii will occupy the same space if both take EF lenses natively, and the 6Dii will be a hard sell.

    I hope they do a FF enthusiast model (6D) and something higher performance with AF prowess of the best DSLRs.

    But this “serious commitment to mirrorless” has been talked about for years and there’s still no evidence that it is real. Even the much improved new EOSM seems to trail the latest Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic cameras, and the GH5 is right around the corner.

    I’d love to buy a mirrorless FF Canon of 5D level performance. I just don’t believe that will happen in v1.

  • Harlow

    I’m actually happy to hear that Canon has finally decided to take on Sony’s full-frame mirrorless system.

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