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A new entry-level Canon EOS M camera coming soon? [CW4]

A New Entry-level Canon EOS M Camera Coming Soon? [CW4]
A new entry-level EOS M coming in February 2017?

Hot times for Canon mirrorless rumors. A new murmuring surfaced, and we are here to report it.

Latest rumor has it that Canon will announce a new EOS M camera in February 2017, just before CP+. This new EOS M is said to be more entry-level than the EOS M5, with a form factor similar to the EOS M3. A new entry-level EOS M camera to be added to the line-up?

New Canon EOS M cameras and other kits will likely come in two variants, one with the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM, and the other kit with the EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM.

What about new EF-M lenses? There will be new EF-M lenses in 2017, but we do not have reliable information at the time being.

There are more Canon cameras I expect to be announced ahead of CP+, PowerShot cameras and new Canon Rebel DSLRs.

Stay tuned…

[via Canon Rumors]
  • Narren Rot

    Canon please don’t! The thing that we need from you is more serious EF-M lenses!

  • I tend to agree with Narren and I thought the M10 filled that spot and the M3 is still current. My only guess would be is that maybe Canon is figuring that most people buying the lower end Ms, especially the M10, will be like a typical Rebel buyer and be happy with the kit lens and won’t likely add more lenses. Meaning more profit in cameras than lenses. Kit lenses excluded. Baring that in mind might be why they are moving slow with EF-M lenses. It’s been like the M series has been a “Testing the Water” game until the M5. There me be some internal conflict at Canon over mirrorless vs DSLR for all we know. Like many have said, you would think Canon, Nikon too, would have jumped in the mirrorless market several years ago with competitive camera bodies strong lens lineup right off. Maybe they both have been watching to see how it works out for their competitors. I think we can all agree It appears to be working pretty good for their competitors. So why an other entry level M when everybody seems to be wanting a FF Canon Mirrorless?

    Thoughts? :-)

    • Doug Hoke

      Working out great for Sony! I see lots of photos on Instagram of Sony bodies with Canon glass. I still feel that the M line will replace the Rebel line within a couple years. Now that the M has the same capabilities as any of the Rebels and the same basic zooms, why would anyone want a bigger camera? I expect the reason it hasn’t happened yet is the cost of the dual pixel chip hasn’t dropped enough. As volume continues to climb with DP, driving the cost down, using the M to replace the Rebel line seems like a no brainer. My biggest concern with that is they would continue to treat the M like the EF-S line, just making slow zooms rather than fast primes, defaulting to the EF line, which in my opinion defeats the whole concept of small. I’m looking forward more to see what 3rd party lens makers might introduce for the M than Canon. There are already some nifty lenses for APS-C that I hope will move to EF-M.

      • Good points Doug! EF-S evolving into EF-M. Could be.

  • pbl

    No big fan of aps-c and even more so of milc but if there was a new pocketable entry level M based on the innards of the M5, I think I’d give a try.

  • Doug Hoke

    Canon what we need are lenses! Real lenses! Prime lenses! Fast lenses! If this rumor is true, that will make 6 bodies and six lenses they have made. They are within reach of producing the next body being an equal of Sony or Fuji, and what do they do? Go low… Well, thankfully 3rd party vendors are taking the M line seriously. I have 3 Rokinons, opted for the Mitkon Speedmaster 35mm .95 over the Rokinon 35 1.2 and still considering the Rokinon 50 1.2. I currently use the Canon EF 50 1.8 STM. I’m holding out to give Canon a chance. I wish they would release a roadmap like Sony and Fuji do. But that would probably secure me buying the Rokinon if a 50 wasn’t listed, it was slow or years away. It’s ironic that now that Canon has finally made a M body that will focus track, I’m essentially switching to fast manual focus primes…

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