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New prime lenses and a zoom for Canon EOS M system coming in 2017? [CW3]

New Prime Lenses And A Zoom For Canon EOS M System Coming In 2017? [CW3]

I have been told (thanks) that Canon will announce new lenses for their EOS M system in 2017.

The rumor makes sense. Having announced the EOS M5 to the world,  Canon now definitely needs some good native lenses to improve the system. The lenses that are actually available for the EOS M do their job but are nothing particularly exciting. According to my source Canon will announce at least two prime lenses for the EOS M system, a 35mm and a 50mm. Both lenses are said “to be fast” but I didn’t get any information about the specs. Another lens for EOS M may be announced in 2017, a zoom lens that has been described to us as having a “quality above the other EOS M kit lenses” (whatever it means).

Canon Watch’s take: while the rumor comes with no specifications and is of the kind “something to come some-when” (the kind of rumors I do not like), I think this rumor has a good chance to be reliable. Canon simply can’t afford not to build some better lenses for their EOS M system, not after the feature-packed EOS M5 many people was waiting for. A 35mm and 50mm prime and a more pro-level (and possibly fast) zoom lens would benefit Canon’s EOS M ecosystem. As good as the EF/EF-S to EF-M adapter may work, there is nothing like native lenses.

Please note: this is not the first time we get the suggestion that Canon is working on prime lenses for the EOS M system. The first rumors are more than a year old, and we didn’t see new prime lenses for EOS M so far.

  • jp

    Well, if on the EOS M5 we can use IS-Digital ALSO for image, and not only for movie, then EOS M5 is very good.
    And I do hope ALL new lenses has to built in OIS!! Otherwise, bye bye Canon.
    Canon please take this in consideration seriously!

    • MdB

      Digital IS has zero benefit for stills.

  • newworld666

    EF-M 28mm F2.5 macro can be called a prime lens, no ?

    • canonwatch

      you are right. I always forget this lens, likely because I can’t find it where I am currently are :-)

    • jp

      I wrote about NEW COMMING Prime lens on 2017/2018. The EF-M 28 has not F2.5, but 3.5!!!
      While the M5 do not give the IS-Digital (in camera stabilization) for still, so it is important, that all newer Prime-lens do have OIS!!
      IS-Digital is ONLY for Video/Movie! Take a look at the manual page 86!!!

  • Michael – Visual Pursuit

    Much more important is to repair the inability to shoot tethered via USB.
    Hell, even the shittiest Rebel can do that at a third of the price!
    The image transfer utility and Wifi is no solution, because it will only work
    while Internet is available for the target computer, and it forces you to
    sign up for the Canon Image Gateway *plus* (and that is where the cookie
    crumbles) forces that a copy of every transferred image is uploaded to CIG.

    The rest of the M5 is nothing but wonderful, but this restriction is more

    than annoying. You can’t even put the M5 into a photo booth!

    • Rick

      I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon. I remember ML looking at this with the original M and they said it was an impossibility.

      • Michael – Visual Pursuit

        The original M wasn’t meant to do this, and the M3 had a powershot firmware. The M5 though is different. It can be connected to smartphones and tablets in infrastructure mode on common WLAN accesspoints. It can be remote controlled on tablets and smartphones, so there is only one reason why EOS utility can do this: Deliberate restriction by Canon.

        When you install the image transfer tool, sign up for CIG and set the camera up to send images to your computer, the camera will send the pictures directly over your own accesspoint to the computer, and the computer will upload a copy to CIG.

        The camera is nonresponsive while sending images, RAW can’t be sent, and the worst toad to swallow is the requirement to hand Canon a copy of your files. There is no such thing as a cloud – it is somebody else’s computer.

        • Rick

          actually the M2 and M3 allowed for wifi tethering and didn’t allow for USB. EOS utility was the actual problem from what i recall from ML’s reverse engineering.

          • Michael – Visual Pursuit

            M2 and M3 could do Wifi tethering only to smartphones and tablets, just like the M5. That is a deliberate restriction by Canon. The cameras could do this if Canon wanted.

  • Rick

    makes sense that a 17-55mm 2.8 or so comes down the pipes. basically following the same model as the EF-S lineup. I’m getting to stay with the light and small .. we wont’ see anything faster than an f/4 here though.

    a few small primes will shut up people, who probably will still end up not buying them anyways.

    also an indication that canon may be working on something is the lack of lens releases the last few years. they are doing “something”.

    • Rick

      this almost follows what canon has done historically their consumer primes and come out with a 50/85 and the trio of 24/28/35.

      the EF-M will have 22,28,35 and 50.

  • stephan_ah

    That is so great news. At most I’m interested in 50mm for portrait, and an 85mm would be even better, both with excellent IQ.

    • Rick

      50 is the equivalent of an 80mm

      • stephan_ah

        yes, and 80mm is eqiv. to 135mm in terms of fullframe, that would be ideal for portraits. 50mm 2.0 and 80mm 2.8 should be ok, but IQ has to be excellent wide open.

        • Rick

          I wouldn’t call a 135mm an ideal portrait focal .. but I get what you mean. it’s certainly a classic headshot focal.

          at those focals though there should be little difference between an EF-M and an EF. in terms of size,etc. in other words, you’re not going to save much by using a 85/1.8 on the M versus a EF-M native.

          IMO certainly the 35 and less so, the 50 can be made smaller.

          • stephan_ah

            Rick, what I want is a portrait lens with excellent sharpness and contrast wide open because that’s what I’m using this lens: wide open, or max. 1 stop down. I doesn’t want to get the EF1,2/85 just to get better sharpness at f/2,8. Such a big lens wouldn’t be balanced on a M5, I guess.

  • Michael – Visual Pursuit

    Found another bug: I expect most people to assign manual switching between back display and EVF to the M.Fn- button. This button stops working while the camera displays images in review/play mode.

  • ZorroRules

    I bought this thing and it is very nice with prime FD lenses using an adapter – you would be surprised how sharp those lenses are on this camera using the magnifying function. It gives you a film use feel because it requires you to carefully focus, which then makes you think about the framing, all of which slows the process down and gives me much better images. With the kit zoom he video works well, if a tad soft, the mic works nicely one-on-one inside at least. I will try the FD lenses next for video. So basically you can shoot L glass, and EF or canon aps-c glass, or the native mount stuff and FD glass, depending on the adapter etc.
    I would buy it if you are on the fence, focus speed is way way improved over the rather glacial speed of previous models, I have not tried tracking for stills yet, but fro point to point it seems good so far.

  • Jonathan G

    I think Primes are coming, but there’s a bigger picture, as maybe the M lenses aren’t suppose to be premium.

    There’s Fragmentation. I see the current EOS-M series essentially replacing the Rebels, as mirrorless surely will be the new norm. Then expect a new number to signify a full frame Mirrorless, i.e EOS M60. I suspect EF lenses are here to stay, but maybe the EF-M line replaces EF-S, which if you look doesn’t have many fixed aperture or fast lenses either. The question is whether the EOS-M will compromise they’re smaller size in for an EF compatible mount? (as the rebels could), and what if any changes happen in the long run to EF lenses if bodies are mirrorless?

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