Canon EOS M200 To Be Announced Within A Month, Report

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Nokishita reports that Canon will soon announce a new mirrorless camera with APS-C sensor, likely within a month.

The Canon EOS M200 will be available in black and white, and come as kit with the EF-M 15-45mm IS STM lens.

Is the Canon EOS M200 going to replace the EOS M100? In any case it will be an entry level mirrorless camera.

We are also expecting Canon to announce a high resolution EOS R camera, all rumors are listed here. More Canon rumors are listed here. Stay tuned.

What’s Coming Next From Canon?

Canon Rumors Full Frame Mirrorless Camera Canon Eos R

After the announcement of the Canon EOS 90D and EOS M6 Mark II, what’s coming next?

There is gear we know is scheduled to release. Let’s see.

Where is the high resolution Canon EOS R camera?

Rumored to be released in Fall 2019, there still are no reliable information. Suggestions we got say the high res EOS R will have a resolution much higher than the Sony a7R IV (61MP), another rumor we got suggested a resolution around 80MP. Will this EOS R model be released in 2019? We still think it will

And what about the “pro/sport oriented” EOS R camera?

In this case we have even less information, and no reliable data so far. What we know is that it should be a camera equivalent to the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II. Another bit we know, is that it will most likely be released in 2020, maybe before the Summer Olympics.

Will the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III be released in 2020?

Yes, this seems to be a sure thing. The Canon EOS-1D X Mark III will be announced before the Summer Olympics 2020. Field testing is rumored since February. No specifications have been leaked so far.

What about the Canon EOS 7D Mark III?

We are still investigating the claim that the Canon EOS 90D replaces both the EOS 80D and EOS 7D Mark II. The EOS 90D got some features previously featured on the 7D series, like a joystick, magnesium alloy, better weather sealing (compared to EOS 80D). For the time being it is not entirely clear what the future of the 7D lineup will be. On the other hand the EOS 90D is not advanced enough to be seen as a full fledged EOS 7D Mark II replacement. Another thing we wonder is: will Canon give up the highly popular 7D series? Seems unlikely to some degree.

Will there be an EOS R model with APS-C sensor?

No. This is an insistent and silly rumor that won’t disappear. A rumor not making any sense. Canon has a well selling APS-C mirrorless lineup with the EOS M system, and there is no reason to believe it will disappear. The EOS M6 Mark II has just been released and it’s common opinion that Canon is taking the EOS M system seriously.

Will there be more lenses for the EOS M system?

Yes, though we have yet no reliable intel to share.

Will there be a replacement for the Canon EOS M5?

Rumor has it that no, there will not. We are still investigating.

Will there be more lenses for the Canon EOS R system?

Yes, plenty. Canon is heavily investing in the EOS R system. We found a lot of patent applications for Canon RF mount lenses. Two new lenses have just been released, more are set to come. We are still waiting for Canon to release already announced Canon RF lenses.

And lenses for the Canon EF mount?

Canon stated that they will not continue EF lens development in 2019 (and maybe 2020). The EOS R system is where Canon is now investing most R&D resources.

What else can we expect?

The Canon C500 Mark II is coming, likely in 2020. One more Canon Cinema camera is likely. Some PowerShots are also likely for 2020.

Stay tuned, more to come.

Leaked Certification Data Suggests A New Canon Rebel Or Entry Level EOS M Are Coming

Canon Rumors C

As we wrote after yesterday’s updated list of yet unreleased Canon gear, it appears a Canon Rebel DSLR or a EOS M50/M100 replacement might be on its way. The leaked certification data refers to the LP-E12 battery, which is used by these cameras (and some PowerShots).

We do not yet know if the Canon Rebel or entry-level EOS M camera will be announced along with tthe Canon EOS 90D and possibly a new EOS M5/M6 camera around August 28th, but it is possible. So, can we expect a new Canon Rebel or entry level EOS M camera. Definitely, as we know after yesterday’s leaked intel. Some new EF-M lenses might also be announced.

Stay tuned.

Latest List Of Unreleased Canon Gear From Certification Authorities

Canon Eos 80d

Nokishita updated the list if yet unreleased Canon gear, assembled with data leaked from certification authorities.

Here is the list with our thoughts emphasised:

  • DS126801 [this likely is the Canon EOS 90D]
    • Digital camera
    • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
    • Battery: LP-E6 / LP-E6N (7.2V 1800mAh)
    • SKU: 3616C003AA, 3616C010AA, 3616C017AA
  • PC2358 [the LP-E17 battery is used in the EOS M5/M6 – this might be the replacement for one of these]
    • Digital camera
    • Equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.1
    • Battery: LP-E17 (7.5 Wh)
  • PC2367 [the LP-E12 battery is used in the EOS M50/M100, the SLx, and some PowerShots – this one is either a replacement for the EOS M50/100, a new Powershot, or a new entry-level DSLR]
    • Digital camera
    • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2 loading
    • Battery: LP-E12 (7.2 V 875 mAh)
  • Interchangeable lens SKUs [could be new lenses for the EOS M system but we are no sure about this]:
    • 3450 C005 AA
    • 3680 C 005 AA
    • 3792 C 005 AA

Stay tuned…

Are These The Canon EOS M6 Mark II Specifications?

Canon EOS M6

After yesterday’s rumor about the announcement of the Canon EOS M5 Mark II and EOS M6 Mark II (all rumors), a set of suggested specifications for the upcoming Canon EOS M6 Mark II surfaced.

The Canon EOS M6 Mark II appears to be focused on vloggers:

  • 32.5 mp APS-C CMOS sensor (new sensor technology for higher dynamic range)
  • DIGIC 8+ Imaging Processor
  • 4K up to 30p (with no crop or 1.3x no pixel binning crop), Full HD up to 180p
  • No Canon Log but new Movie Picture Style
  • Dual Pixel AF Focus Guide
  • New Selfie mode and Vlog mode
  • Enhanced Movie IS
  • High-speed continuous shooting at a maximum of 16 FPS (with AE/AF)
  • RAW Burst mode at 30 FPS (with AE/AF)
  • Dual Pixel AF with expanded area
  • Eye AF (tracking possible)
  • Electronic shutter 1/16000s
  • Focus Bracketing
  • Supports external electronic viewfinder
  • USB-C charge power supply

While the specification list above is plausible, we recommend you take it with grain of salt. Lots of low reliability rumors are flooding the Internet, and so far the sources that were right in the past didn’t deliver any bits.

We expect Canon to have an announcement on August 28, 2019. Besides the Canon EOS 90D we expect Canon to announced also the Canon EOS M5 Mark II and the EOS M6 Mark II (leaked through certification authorities). Some new EF-M lenses are also possible.

Stay tuned, more to come soon.

Source: Canon Rumors

Canon Patent For 12-48mm f/1.8-4.0 Lens For EOS M System

Canon Patent

Canon patent application 2019-120821 (Japan) describes the optical formula for a 12-48mm f/1.8-4 lens for the Canon EOS M mirrorless camera system.

An excerpt from the Canon patent:

[…] provide a zoom lens which is small in the whole lens system, has a wide angle of view, a high zoom ratio, and a large aperture ratio and has high optical performance over an entire zoom range. 
[Means for solving]A 1 lens group having negative refractive power, a 2 lens group having positive refractive power, a 3 lens group having negative refractive power, and a 4 lens group having positive refractive power arranged in this order from the object side to the image side, and the 1 lens group is stationary at the time of zooming. In this zoom lens, a 2 lens group, a 3 lens group, and a 4 lens group are moved and an interval between adjacent lens groups is changed. The 4 lens group has 2 or more lenses, and appropriately sets a focal length f 2 of the 2 lens group, a focal length fw of the entire system at the wide-angle end, a moving amount M 2 of the 4 lens group during zooming from the wide-angle end to the telephoto end, and a moving amount M 4 of the second lens group during zooming from the wide-angle end to the telephoto end. 

More Canon patent applications are listed here. Some particularly interesting patent applications we think might get into production are these: