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No Canon EOS 6D Mark II because a full-frame mirrorless camera is coming instead? [CW3]

Canon FF mirrorless camera mock-up by David Riesenberg

Canon FF mirrorless camera mock-up by David Riesenberg

Weird rumor I got (thanks). It’s suggested there will be no Canon EOS 6D Mark II because Canon will launch a mirrorless camera with a full-frame sensor instead.

As weird as this rumor might appear, it’s not entirely impossible. The EOS 6D was (and still is) Canon’s entry-level DSLR to the world of full-frame cameras. Since it seems Canon started to take mirrorless seriously with the EOS M5, why should they not work on a full-featured mirrorless full-frame camera?

Moreover, rumor has it that this full-frame mirrorless camera might come with an EF mount, which would mean all Canon EF lenses can be used without adapter. If the rumor about the EF mount is reliable, it might not be worth for Canon to sell an entry-level full-frame DSLR along with a full-featured full-frame mirrorless camera.

I am pretty sure there are prototypes of a Canon full-frame mirrorless camera undergoing first tests, not necessarily on the field, more likely in a lab setting. We also know that Canon filed various patents referring to lenses for a full-frame mirrorless camera (1 | 2). On the other hand, we also spotted a patent for an EF/EF-S adapter for a full-frame mirrorless camera. That Canon is working on such a camera is almost a sure thing, we got the rumor and reported it as first site in December 2014.

So far, anything about the EOS 6D Mark II is uncertain, the few specs we got look more like speculations than real leaks, and could also well apply to a mirrorless full-frame camera (especially the suggestion about Dual Pixel AF). The possible announcement date of the EOS 6D Mark II changed almost a half dozen times, it’s now pointing to summer 2017. Put straight: no one knows a thing for sure about the EOS 6D Mark II so far.

What do you think, might Canon replace the EOS 6D with a mirrorless camera? Let’s me know what you think in the poll and the comment section.

Will Canon produce a mirrorless full-frame camera instead of the EOS 6D Mark II?

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  • Well I sure hope it doesn’t look like that mock up. My brother has a couple Nikon Df cameras and even though I do like the external controls and cool retro look, I Don’t like the handling of the camera. Lack of much of a grip mainly. Especially if you mount a long telephoto on it.

    In other thoughts…. I think Canon will finally release a 6D Mk II. I think if the M5 does well the 90D (Not 80D) might be the last Canon will make in the xxD line. As for 7D Mk III I think we will see it but it might be the last of it’s line too. So could the 5D IV be the last of it’s line?

    Thoughts everybody!! :-)

    • vau

      I think it would make sense for them to trim their selection. 1D for the stars, 5D for the working class, 6D for the rich kids, 7D for the birders, and capable rebels (big one and small one) for everybody else.

      Same selection would be awesome for mirrorless: full frame M1 for unreasonable youtube junkies, m5 for the wannabes, and m10 for the mums.

  • vau

    I would love a compact, AE-1 styled 6D. I don’t care if it has mirrors or not.

  • Pablo

    Well that’s a pity. Was REALLY hoping the 6D II to come out before summer..

    • canonwatch

      for the time being it’s nothing but a rumor

  • GBS

    I don’t see Canon replacing a full frame DSLR with a full frame mirrorless. Not yet. I do see them wanting to compete with something like the A7R II though. Sometimes I think these rumors are started just to send a message to canon and say hey, this is what you should do. I say they end up making both. I don’t see current 6D/5D2/5D3 users witching to a mirrorless as an upgrade. Sony didn’t take much of the market away from Canon and Nikon with their A7R series and that’s a darn good mirrorless camera.

    • Stéphane Paris

      sony took 2nd place over Nikon for full frame lens and body sales in USA i think they got Canon’s attention…

  • Rick

    Canon has stated they are going to add to the camera lines to handle more of the niches, so why would they drop the highly popular 6D line?

    While they should look into making a new, smaller ef mount mirrorless, the two aren’t mutally exclusive.

  • Jonathan

    I’m 99% certain this rumor was born from a recent thread on DPR. In fact, in that thread I was incredibly close to saying “expect something about a 6D successor being mirrorless on the rumor sites very soon”, but didn’t. Definitely should have.

    • canonwatch

      Hi. I missed the thread on DPR. Can you send me a link? It helps me to better classify the reliability of the source. Thanks.

  • Adam Brown

    1… it’s an outdated perspective that mirrorless is for amateurs and entry level. If there is a pro lens lineup, nothing really prevents mirrorless from being a pro camera. So if Canon is ready to launch full frame mirrorless, don’t hold it back by restricting it to entry level. A mirrorless version of the 5dr for example, could be impressive.
    2… considering the price of the 5d4, there is a big gap in the lineup for a sub-$2,000 full frame. And there will always be Canon customers who prefer OVF.

    So Canon has a choice if they want to get into full frame mirrorless — either create a parallel product line, mirrorless lineup that runs somewhat parallel to the dSLR lineup. Or, if this rumor is true, give some parts of the market dSLR only, and some parts mirrorless only.
    Customers would be best served with both options. But I feel Canon doesn’t want to compete within their own products. They don’t want to lose 5dr sales to a 5Mr.
    They could easily build a mirrorless aps-c camera as good as the 80d, for example, but they have been slow to do so.

    • canonwatch

      good points. but: if Canon makes a mirrorless FF *and* a 6D2 I wonder which one will be the entry level FF camera. I don’t think a 6D2 will get a pro-grade feature set (there is the 5D4) and I can’t really immagine a Canon mirrorless FF camera that has less features than a future entry-level 6D2. So, if we assume there will be both a 6D2 and a FF MILC, then I guess the FF MILC will be a “parallel product” like the M5 with the 80D. just my 2 cents…

      • Adam Brown

        The answer is both. Just alternative versions of a similar product. A bit like the t5i and t5s.
        Picture both in the $1500-1800 range.
        The 6dii is a bit bigger, OVF, longer battery life, built-in flash, set up with a greater focus on still.
        The 6M would sport the same sensor, be a little more compact or lighter, EVF, and maybe geared a bit more for video.

        In the end, one model may significantly outsell the other, clearing a future path. But for now, offer consumers both.

        Sony’s transition to mirrorless happened gradually by giving their customers parallel choices, and they gradually have chosen mirrorless. Same thing may or may not happen to Canon and Nikon. But they act like they are afraid to find out.

  • pincherio

    I would definitely get one if it came at the 6D price point, not the a7R2 price point. Kinda stupid to say I’ll get one without knowing what the other specs are but I’m assuming that if it’s replacing the 6D, that most specs would be equal to or an upgrade over the older model.

  • bdbender4

    Nobody has mentioned the most important issue yet: lens backspacing. Full frame mirrorless lenses are going to be pretty big, just per the laws of physics: see “Sony”. If Canon wants to do full frame mirrorless, shouldn’t they do a full set of new FF lenses to take advantage of the reduced backspacing available from the removal of the mirror box? At least they need to do that if they want to have relatively light weight and compact size as a selling point.

    Personally, I don’t see the point of a mirrorless that just uses the existing EF mount. Full frame DSLRs are not obsolete yet. Currently the 6D costs less than the Fuji X-T2 and a lot less than the new Olympus. Maybe at some point in the future, a few generations of updates from now, mirrorless will make DSLRs obsolete technically and will offer competitive price points, but not yet.

    • Afraz Anosh

      Would the savings be worth a new mount, though?

  • Abdulrahman Almoghamis

    Canon Will launch entry level Full Frame DSLR in 2017 that have hybrid Viewfinder (optical and electronic) … It might be named 6d mark ii or another name. mark my prediction and remember that I told you

  • It’s high time we got another consumer level full-frame mirrorless camera. Sony has been the ONLY player since the A7 debut 3+ years ago. Yes, there’s Leica, but I said consumer level, not playboy Lambourghini level.

    Whether it’s Canon or Olympus or Panasonic, I think the market really needs the competition. We need price wars. We need options. A choice of ergonomics. So, hooray if Canon finally steps up, but unlike the 6D and M5 it had better have proper environmental sealing, or they will just be making another over-priced paper weight.

  • EsaKivivuori

    Sorry to say but it seems that Canon don`t want (??) to produce a serious mirrorless FF-camera.
    If so – why?

    I have sold Canon camera since 1970 and releasing Canon A-1 was truly a remarkable happening.
    I wonder if photographers today really understand what happened at that time. The next one was releasing EF-system.

    I´m disapointed to EOS M5 (which is a good camera – nearly almost). I just can`t believe…
    After all Canon is THE largest and one of the experienced corporations. WTF?

  • Shomi

    Yeah, this rumor to me screamed hoax due to the part that mentioned the camera would use EF lenses. What would be the point of making a mirrorless camera that needed to have all that room between the sensor and glass? unless they made something similar to sony’s SLT system, it would be pointless (i can hear the small hand fanboys cries of having to buy a large camera [just joking though]). My issue with canon making a mirrorless camera is: How would they implement it’s autofocus system to such a camera. i.e. will it have zones, groups and/or single point, 3×3, 5×5 points that can be moved around? Since canon hasn’t really release a camera that can do such a thing (I know the eos m1, the user can select some zones, which was oddly removed from latter models) I don’t think they will venture into making a gimpy FF mirrorless camera.

    • CW Steve

      EF mount on a FF mirrorless is a long running rumor. I also have some doubts about the rumors.
      Concerning AF: they will use their Dual Pixel AF technology, which works like a charm.

    • Whatrdafax

      For pros who shoot non-moving subjects, using manual, live focus, a full frame mirrorless camera makes a lot of sense. Much easier to move to that if they don’t have to change lenses and can keep using their L lenses in EF mount. I remember a lot of portrait photographers sold their 1D and 1D mkii cameras when the first 5D camera came out -because they didn’t need the other 1D features. I can see that again with full frame mirrorless.

  • SPshooter

    The voting results has already shown DSLR is dead.

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