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Canon EOS 6D Mark II to feature Dual Pixel Auto-Focus (DPAF) [CW4]

Canon EOS 6D Mark II To Feature Dual Pixel Auto-Focus (DPAF) [CW4]
Canon EOS 6D

After yesterday‘s bits about the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, we have a small addition today.

I have been told (thanks) by a good source that the Canon EOS 6D Mark II will have Canon’s first tier sensor based Auto-Focus system on board, Dual Pixel AF.

DPAF was first featured on the Canon EOS 70D. It’s available on the Canon EOS 80D, EOS 5D Mark IV, EOS M5, EOS 7D Mark II, EOS-1D X Mark II, and on some Canon Cinema cameras.

CW’s take: the rumor has a good chance to be reliable. I think a Canon EOS 6D Mark II without DPAF would not make much sense for Canon. For the time being these are the rumored Canon EOS 6D MArk II specs:

  • 24MP or 25MP sensor
  • Dual Pixel AF
  • Dual SD card slots
  • NO 4K
  • Full tiltable display
  • New AF system
  • Slightly smaller and lighter
  • Announcement expected Q1 2017

Stay tuned…

  • Andrei

    DPAF also available on 7DII.

    • canonwatch

      of course! :-)

  • Jonathan

    If this lacks a touchscreen, it would be one of the great omissions from Canon’s recent history. Having a touchscreen but no 4K would be preferable to no touchscreen with 4K (thinking according to the target market at large – not forum buffoons). All articulating LCD cameras Canon makes have touchscreen, so I would assume it’ll be on board. Expect the next leak to be posted to be that it’ll have one. :-)

    • canonwatch

      well, if it has DPAF it will also have a touchscreen. didn’t get rumors about this but I think a touchscreen is a logical consequence when you have DPAF.

      • Andrei

        Unfortunately it wasn’t logical for Canon in the case of 7D and it really limits the usefulness of the live view AF.
        They sometimes make strange decisions…

        • canonwatch

          you’re right with the 7D2. forgot this. I always thought this is weird.

          • Jonathan

            And the 1DX Mark II has a limited touchscreen. I think that based on the APSC cameras with articulating screens also all being touchscreen, it’s a foregone conclusion that it will have one, but Canon has surprised us before.

    • Rick

      the touchscreen is on the 5D Mark IV and also the 80D .. doubtful it’s not on the more prosumer full frame.

  • lw

    Given all but entry-level new Canon DSLR/MILC’s seem to be getting DPAF now it would be strange for the 6D to not get one.

    Its a bit like having a rumour that the 6D II will contain a sensor.
    Well, yeh…

    • Oliver

      The DPAF could be exciting if the video specs were not from 2008. Since this camera will be useless for video anyway missing DPAF won’t be a big deal unless you want to take selfies in live view.

    • MdB

      Yes but in reality the 6D sits below the 80D in terms of functionality, so don’t be so surprised. 6D is ‘entry level’ when it comes to their FF line.

  • Danny

    Brace yourself for all the incoming hate from gear heads that will be in rage by the lack of 4K. Usually it’s the people who switched to Sony and say that they are happy with their new Sony camera. Yet, they always feel the need to leave some hate comments on posts that deal with Canon gear. All I hope the 6D mk ii will have is at least the same focusing system from the 80D, usable high ISO up to 12800, a tilt touch screen, a more robust weather sealed body, 7fps, 24/25 MP, impoved DR like we have seen in the 80D and 5D mk IV, sharper 1080p video like in the 5D mk IV, and more customizable buttons. Plus of course DPAF, with a price tag of $1800-$2000

    • Oliver

      Could have been true a while ago but since the huge deception of the 5Dmk4 I’ve accepted that Canon won’t give us anything interesting.

      Haven’t switched to Sony yet due to their issues but they are working on it (unlike Canon). The lens selection is getting better with the New G Master serie, Rokinon and future Sigma. Hopefully they’ll work on menus and battery life.
      From now on I stopped to invest in any EF lenses. My video need will be cover by the GH5 and my current 6D and 5D are still plenty compared to those “upgrade” jokes. The 6D haven’t been announced but I have no doubt that it will be a huge deception as well. Not the kind that can justify spending $2k.

      Perhaps I’ll take a look on the 5mk5 and 6mk3 and five years… if I still own any EF lenses at this time.

    • MdB

      So you rag on other people for having a wish list / list of requirements (because they don’t meet your own) and then proceed to make a huge list of things YOU need? Bravo!

      • Danny

        The point I was making was that people always say how much better their new gear is but then always come back to bashing on products they have no interest in because it doesn’t fit their needs. I just think that if you’re completely happy with your new gear then that’s good for you, but there is no need to talk crap on forums that have nothing to do with your new favorite gear. I know those people comeback because they are curious the see what’s new, but if they don’t like what they see they could simply move on without bashing the product that is just a rumor.

  • About 4K: Good 1080P is better than unusable 4K (like on the 5D IV) ^^.

    • MdB

      Well if the 5D IV is our only benchmark, sure!

  • Cole Breiland

    Does anyone want to buy some Nikon gear?

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