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This is the Canon EOS 6D Mark II – Images and specifications (updated)

canon eos 6d mark ii

And finally we have something reliable. Images and basic specifications of the highly anticipated and much speculated Canon EOS 6D Mark II, courtesy of Nokishita.

  • 26.2MP sensor
  • Dual pixel CMOS AF
  • 45 points cross type AF 
  • Burst rate: 6.5 fps
  • Maximum ISO sensitivity: 40000 (extended ISO: 102400)
  • Video: Full HD
  • 5 axis electronic image stabilization
  • Display: 3″ vari-angle angle liquid crystal
  • Touch panel
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • GPS
  • Size: 144.0 x 110.5 x 74.8 mm
  • Weight: 765 g

Well, there are some welcome news over the rumored specifications. The Canon EOS 6D Mark II will have 5 axis electronic image stabilisation (we saw it first on the Canon EOS M5), ISO 102400 (extended), and a decent burst rate of 6.5 fps.

We expect the official announcement on June 29, 2017. Stay tuned!

Edit: more images leaked at Digicame-Info and have been added.

  • Rick

    and now we know for sure it’s coming soon.


    interesting, no pop-up flash, hunch is $2,0000.00 MSRP

    • Narren Rot

      What ibis? O_o you meant dis?

      • MAXIMUS

        sure that’s what it is. But just from the sound of it being “electronic” tells ya its for yer Video’s and DVD’s.

        • Lewis

          It is full frame. It’s replacing the 6D (also full frame).

    • Adam Brown

      Let’s see —–
      APS-C trumps full frame??? No..
      Dual pixel live view AF trumps slow contrast detect AF? Umm, no.

      It’s a competitor to the D750/D610 lines. Would have to see the complete AF layout and such. And of course, the D610/D750 are going on 3 years old. But dual pixel AF,touch screen, GPS, bluetooth, IBIS, 40,000 ISO… are all nice advantages over the D750 and D610. (And I own and LOVE my D750, but I wish it had a decent live view system).

      • MAXIMUS

        I already addressed that in a prior response but allow me to proceed in humping your leg with an unnecessary response to your response to my response. Yes Live View on Nikons DSLR’s past models are more like an after thought compared to mirrorless.

  • leminuet

    no headphone output. seriously canon?

    • JustHsu

      its 1080P they don’t really care that much

  • Dan Watson

    Still just a single SD slot? That’s a bummer. The D750 has duals. This would be a great 2nd body for me but I really want/need dual slots. It’s still a bit of a yawn for sure….especially if that digital IS isn’t all that great. 4k is also a HUGE but expected letdown. It’s not just about shooting 4k, it’s that we get oversampling/full sensor readouts with other systems in 4k which greatly improves detail. I almost never publish projects in 4k but I love the detail shooting 4k with the Sony/Panasonic cameras due to this. I would probably use it on my 5D4 as well (I can live with the crop) except I HATE mjpeg too much.

    • leminuet

      canon are living in their own bubble…
      those specs fit a 3-4 year old camera…

      • DKS

        For the same price the Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II shoots 60fps, has 4k video, dual slots and a long list of advanced features.

        I realize the Olympus resides in a different category, but it still shows what kind of technology is already available at this price point when the company isn’t focused on crippling the product.

        • Caerolle

          Yes, it resides in a VERY different category, lol. I shoot m4/3, have an E-M1 and several primes, so I am not anti-m4/3. However, a lot of the reason Olympus can pull off all that amazing stuff is that the sensor is really small. If you want to find a 135-format mirrorless that does that kind of stuff, you have to look at the new Sony a9, which costs more than twice what the 6DMkII will. Sadly, everything is trade-offs.

          • glowinthedark

            You can’t seriously compare the a9 to the entry level FF of Canon. Compare the a9 to a 1Dx II and you are in the right corner…
            The match from Sony will be the a7II or in a couple of months the a7III which will be in the same league price wise but with extended features (like real IBIS, 4k video, at least the same burst rate and rumored to have an a9 like AF system…)

          • Caerolle

            You need to read more and post less, I think. Here is my point:

            “f you want to find a 135-format mirrorless that does that kind of stuff (60 fps, dual slots, long list of advanced features), you have to look at the new Sony a9, which costs more than twice what the 6DMkII will.”

  • citrate

    5 axis electronic image stabilization
    I guess this is for video only, and with a crop factor and maybe some some in image quality.

  • AbdulAziz Aljohani

    Thanks goodness i bought my 5D IV 3 weeks ago now i have no regrets dual cards and 4K is important to me i wish it has flipout screen like the 6D II

  • wow finally something interesting from Canon.
    My current 6D is the best camera I ever used, including 1D-, 5D- series, which I also have. 6D, considering everything, is the best amerce Canon makes. So definitely can’t wait to get this one too.

  • Abdelmouttaleb Azeddine

    It shoots 1080p :o …. im getting two ….

    • mavvynet

      Get four, to have 4K :)

  • Adam Brown

    Those are really nice specs. It will depend on the price, but it reminds me of the Nikon D750 when it was released — a great feature set that can satisfy the demanding enthusiast/pro, without them having to purchase a 5d/D810 series.
    And like the 80D/M5 combo…. I can see essentially a mirrorless version of this camera being released in the coming months.

    • Wade Marks

      Interesting analogy with the 80D/M5…one can only hope that Canon does indeed create a FF mirrorless version.

      • Caerolle

        I wouldn’t hold my breath there, lol. OTOH, I see you can get a new a7RII for only like $600 more. I know, I know, Sony colors, body too small, not rugged, menus, etc. I agree the handling and menus are absolute crap, but that would be what I would get instead of the new 6D.

        • Wade Marks

          Just curious…but why would you pay about 30% more for the a7r2, given your not so glowing endorsement of it?

          If I want the advantages of Sony sensor tech, I would get a Nikon D810 than a Sony a7r2.

          The only other advantage of the Sony would be size, but depending on which lenses you want to shoot, that might be mitigated. For instance, a 70-200 f2.8 is a staple of many FF shooters, and once you use that on the Sony your size advantage is pretty much gone.

          Now video is a different story…but for stills, if I want Sony image sensor I’m going Nikon.

          • Caerolle

            Size isn’t why I would go for the a7RII. Higher resolution, more dynamic range, sensor-based AF while using the viewfinder and ability to manually focus zoomed in the viewfinder, great low-light performance, excellent AF, including Eye AF. I would get the Sony in spite of the horrid handling and menus, both of which were massively better in my 6D, and I am sure would be with this new one.

        • glowinthedark

          Ever had a a7RII in your hands? I am a really tall guy (203cm at all…) with hands accordingly; and have really no problem.
          BTW… you can have open a box a7RII for 2300$, so not much of an difference, price wise. Sony colors… OK, I agree. As long as you shoot only jpg…
          And if you grew up with Minolta, switched to Sony DLR and not to mirrorless, menus aren’t so bad. It’s only what you are used to. personally, I find virtually nothing on a Canon menu…

          • Caerolle

            I rented an a7II for a week. The handling is the same as for the a7RII. It was awful, I hated everything about using it. The images were great though, as were the advantages a mirrorless camera gives me (sensor-based AF while using the viewfinder and ability to manually focus zoomed in the viewfinder, Eye AF, seeing exposure in the viewfinder).

  • Donald Trump

    1080p in 2017? Sad!

    • Shield Block


      I didn’t understand the benefit of 4k until I saw a video (which I can’t link since it’s being blocked) which explains why downscaled 4k to 1080p looks so much more color accurate and sharper than regular 1080p

      1080p video uses 4:2:0 chroma subsampling

      4k video downscaled to 1080p creates 4:4:4 video…..4:4:4 in 1080p used to cost millions 10 years ago, only the most expensive Alexa could do it

      downscaled 4k to 1080p creates way more accurate and pleasing video, even on a 1080p screen, since it solves all the issues with chroma subsampling

      • Shield Block

        look up

        “Why Does 4K Look Better on 1080p Monitors”

        on youtube to see why 4k downscaled to 1080p looks so amazing

  • Gage B

    Why only USB 2.0? That seems super outdated. The dual card thing seems to be over beaten. SLR’s only shot on to one roll of film and that worked for decades.

    • Peter Kent

      True but film rolls were only one time use media, static memory like SD Cards has a higher failure rate after so many read and writes. While the number is extremely high the chance of failure is still there; in my own experience of shooting for 12 years I have had one card fail on me once, it was a 64GB Class 10 SanDisk which was my main card at the time and I was still able to recover most of the files with data recovery software. I still use the card for non crucial work and have had no issues since. I also have some really old PNY cards that work fine and a really old 4GB Lexar SDHC that stopped working completely after a year.

      • Wade Marks

        Really? Film more reliable than SD cards? No way. Even though a roll of film was only used once, it was far more vulnerable than modern SD cards. We’re talking a chemical medium, a roll of film could be a bad roll, even with a good roll you had to worry about exposure to temperature, light, etc. Far easier to mess up a roll of film than an SD card.

        Modern digital storage in every way is far more reliable than film ever was.

        • Peter Kent

          I don’t think anyone said film was more reliable, I completely agree that it is not. Unfortunately you have missed the point of our comments about why dual card slots are necessary on a camera in this price range.

          • Wade Marks

            I agree that dual card slots are preferable. But when someone pointed out that film use was in essence a single storage slot, you wrote this:
            “True but film rolls were only one time use media, static memory like SD Cards has a higher failure rate after so many read and writes.”

            That seems to me you were saying that film was more reliable than SD cards…how else to interpret “SD cards has a higher failure rate after so many read and writes.”

            It’s a minor point what you wrote before…again, I agree that dual card slots are preferable, and I am glad you agree that SD storage is more reliable than film.

    • Fred

      Big inconvenience with film was having to change it right in the middle of an important moment.
      So – if you have two 64GB cards you don’t need to change anything except to make sure that one card failing on you is not a disaster at the wrong moment.
      The convenience and reliability of having two cards is so much more than the sum of the parts that you have to experience it to know what it’s like. Sounds like you have no idea what you’re mumbling about.

  • Caerolle

    Not bad, for Canon. If the AF is fairly precise and fast, might be a decent camera. That was the #1 thing that made me get rid of my 6D, I loved using it otherwise.

    • Wade Marks

      The 45 pt AF will be a quantum leap from the current 6D. It’s probably the same as used on the 80D; in fact, one can almost think of this camera as a FF version of the 80D.

      • Caerolle

        It wouldn’t take much to be a quantum leap from the AF system on the current 6D. I have no idea what the 80D AF is like, hopefully has good precision. I would guess if it is the same module it won’t cover much of the 6D frame, though. Maybe they will cut the viewfinder down from 96% to like 80% so the AF spread looks bigger, lol. Dual pixel AF would be awesome if you could use it in the viewfinder instead of having to hold the camera and lens out in front of you.

        If nothing else, it should be a solid, predictable, dependable camera, and make a lot of money for Canon.

        • Wade Marks

          LOL about the AF system…you are right…the 6D AF is pretty primitive.

          Good assessment of the camera overall.

  • Дмитрий

    not bad sony, not bad.

  • Peter Kent


  • mavvynet

    Without a dual SD slot and without 4K there is hope the 6D2 will be sold at the same entry price as the 6D. I remember the first rumors which placed the 6D2 price closer to the 5D series and the body smaller than the first 6D. The latter turned out to be wrong, now i hope the former will too. Once the price reaches 1300-1400€ the 6D2 will be mine because:

    Swivel & touch screen, dual pixel AF, 45 cross type AF points are good reasons to uprade from my 6D. I hope it will be as easy to connect to a smartphone as my M3, where I would just hold the phone close to the camera (NFC) to initiate a connection with the Canon app to view photos on the card or remote control the camera via WiFi. Also I hope it will use the same batteries.

    • Rick

      it’s cheaper – 1999 USD versus 2099 with the original. hard to say with Euro, the euro has taken a bit of a beating against the Yen

  • Pancanikonpus

    Canon folks shaping Canon all these while to have this kind of camera, what a fantastic camera with unbelievable spec! hard effort ROI for lucky folks!

  • Peter Kent

    How’s the lowlight autofocus? -4EV f/2.8?

  • Stevie Jay Elmm

    Looks like Canon…my favorite digital camera company is finally putting out a camera with specs from 2010. Yey….no headphone jack, no dual cards. Pathetic. A 45 cross point AF that you can find on the new Canon t7i and 77D for over 1k cheaper. I really was hoping to buy the 6d Mark II now I just may hold out. For 2k Canon needs to put two SD slots, a mic jack and a 100 percent viewfinder. The cheap mirrorless cams got 100 percent coverage and some have dual slots. Most have mic ports.

  • Gilboa

    Apart from EIS (probably only for video) its basically a FF version of the 80D. Likely using the same 45 cross-point AF module too. Which means the AF area on FF is going to be very small indeed, as it was on the 6D too. No headphone socket or 4K (I’m sorry but that’s quite unacceptable for a new $2000 FF DSLR in 2017!) and still only one SD card slot which will probably remain UHS-I as the high-end 5D Mk4 uses slow slots too. Overall then an evolutionary upgrade and not a lot of bang for your 2 grand buck…very Canon.

    • Caerolle

      Honestly, what else would you expect from Canon, especially on a low-end body?

    • Fred

      Even with the AF module from the 80D the fact that it’s 45 cross type points makes a HUGE difference.
      Plus the dual pixel AF will put the cam streets ahead of any other full frame out there, except maybe the siblings.

  • Deep Freeze

    Smart people wait on competent reviews before dissing any new products from any company.

  • Shield Block

    no 4k no buy!

    downscaled 4k to 1080p creates 4:4:4 video, which creates way more color accurate and far sharper video

  • Corey

    man….I keep thinking Canon might actually finally release something to catch up with the market (in terms of features, etc.)……but nope. About the only thing they have going for them is ergonomics and possibly more ruggedness.

  • man

    Looks awesome. Can’t wait to get it.Wish it had a larger touch screen.

  • Alan Sarco


  • Alex Wedlake

    No 4K and a single SD card slot? It’s 2017, come on Canon! The D600/D610/D750 all had dual SD card slots in 2012. 5 years later and Canon still can’t do it. Also no 4K is ridiculous for 2017. It’s not as if we are asking for 10bit 4:2:2 RAW. Just some decent and useable 4K. I have been waiting for this camera for years to see if it’s worth staying with Canon. Obviously not.

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