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Our Canon EOS 6D Mark II price rumor gets another mention (yeah, it’s $1,999, June 29 announcement)

EOS 6D Mark ii

The Canon EOS 6D is getting replaced soon

The price for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II, which we got a tip about in November 2016, suggested to be $1,999, surfaces as rumor over the web.

Below you see the list if rumored Canon EOS 6D Mark II specifications and features. The list that’s been posted everywhere on the web started here, after a series of good tips.

Latest rumored announcement date for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is June 29, 2017. Stay tuned.

  • Wade Marks

    Solid specs. Will sell very well. A FF 80d. I’m sure it will take great photos, and the AF will be far improved vs the 6d.

    Expect criticism for the following:
    Single Card slot.
    Someone pointed out a rather interesting idea: for the price of a 5d4 you could almost buy 2 6d2’s…so how’s that for a second slot?!
    Lack of 4k video.

    While the lack of 4k will not kill sales, I do think Canon is missing out on a good market. If they had put in usable 4k video (not the impractical implementation in 5d4), they would sell a lot more to indy filmmakers on a budget, etc. Would they take away some sales from their Cinema line? Some, but would more than make up for it with the video crowd that gravitates towards a more affordable solution. As it is, Canon is ceding a large portion of that market to Sony and Panasonic.

    But this will still have a good market with still shooters.

    • Yes it looks great for a camera. I do agree the lack of 4k is very disappointing. As a budget video creator; I have been really hoping for Canon to release a 4k competition to the Sony a6500, Panasonic G7(G85) series etc. .I have sold my older Canon bodies, but kept my lenses, hoping Canon will release something soon. For the moment I’ll stick with the Panasonic G7 for my videos and my general family photography.

  • Shield Block

    no 4k on a $2000 camera is going to piss off a whooooooooooooooole lotta folks

    canon being cheap as hëll not including 4k on a $2000 camera

    • Rick

      As of right now, no $2000 full frame camera has 4k.

      • Shield Block

        4k has nothing to do with full frame, canon’s implementation of video never uses the whole sensor

        • Rick

          sure it does, because the sensor size *is* important to the price.

          4K or video for that matter is secondary on a DSLR stills camera.

      • Peter Kent

        The A7S now sells new for $1998 and has UHD 8bit 420 out.

        • Rick

          A7S only records externally. hardly what you’d call 4K support.

          and it didn’t MSRP at 2K.

  • Pancanikonpus

    Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II powered m4/3 sensor $1999 lol…. how long they can stand?

    and no 4K no overheating :D

  • Ada

    Can you please remove the (we were first…) crap? This is so childish! Nobody cares, and it’s not driving more traffic to your page. We are here anyway…

    • Peter Kent

      Aww, I wanted to be the first to comment on that lol

    • Thank you! I’ve been meaning to say this for awhile. This, and the occasional snipe at other rumour sites, etc – it all feels like someone is insecure about their place in the world.

      Info spreads through the tech world pretty quickly anyway, so if you hadn’t reported it first, no doubt someone else would have done so shortly afterwards.

      I keep coming back to this site because you publish things that others don’t – it’s a nice place to catch up on Explorer of Light updates, for example, or as a round-up of interesting reviews from trusted other sites. But the “how awesome are we?” stuff, along with the occasional disparagement of other sites, really annoy me.

    • CW Steve

      Well, it sucks when your rumors/leaks get constantly re-posted by other sites without any mention. The EOS 6D Mark II spec list that’s being posted everywhere on the web, started here at CW, we never got a mention. At least let us let people know that we were first.
      We leaked the price in November 2016, that’s a fact. When other sites sell it as their own, breaking news, that’s irritating.

  • Jeffrey Mapp

    Everybody is talking about 4k and all the good video stuff but what about the good photography stuff like sync speed?
    The 6D presently sync at 1/160 sec which is beyond ridiculous.
    Yes i know there is HSS but what about when you have invested in lighting systems that don’t do HSS
    I Think I’d like to see a realistic sync speed (better shutter), better dynamic range and ISO. I would be happy with just those improvements.

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