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Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumor (and user poll), two test-units out in the wild? [CW2]

Canon RumorQuestionMark2

In the past we had rumors pointing to different sensor resolutions for the Canon EOS 6D Mark II: 24MP and 28MP. A new rumor I got (thanks) suggests that Canon is still testing both scenarios.

Is this likely? I guess it is a bit late to make tests to decide if it is better to release a 24MP EOS 6D2 or a 28MP EOS 6D2. Most of us agree that the EOS 6D Mark II will be announced by Q1 2016. Canon still testing the EOS 6D Mark II doesn’t sound very likely to me.

However, we do not yet have reliable rumors about the EOS 6D Mark II sensor resolution. Here at CW we got rumors about a 28MP sensor, other suggest it may have 24MP sensor. Might this post start some new EOS 6D2 rumors.

There are also rumors suggesting the EOS 6D Mark II will go upmarket. There is some misunderstanding or confusion here. The EOS 6D2 is not “going upmarket”, it will just have all the new features that technology can offer in 2015-16. The EOS 6D Mark II will be Canon’s next entry-level, full-frame DSLR.

While I do not give much credit to a rumor stating Canon is still testing two possible models of the EOS 6D Mark II, I am pretty curious to learn what you think will be the sensor resolution of the Canon EOS 6D Mark II. And feel free to let me know what you think in the comment section.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II sensor resolution

  • I do not care (40%, 667 Votes)
  • It's going to be a 28MP sensor (32%, 527 Votes)
  • It's going to be a 24MP sensor (29%, 478 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,672

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About our rumour rating:

  • CW1 – probably fake rumor, not reliable (less than 15% chance to be real)
  • CW2 – rumor from an unknown/new source, but otherwise at least a plausible rumor (15%-40% chance to be real)
  • CW3 – around 50% chance to be real, coming from a known source, or from new source with good insight in Canon’s business
  • CW4 – rumor from a known source that was right in the past, high probability to be true (60%-80% chance to be real)
  • CW5 – as good as certain to be true


  • Caerolle

    I don’t see 24 versus 28 making much difference. The main thing the 6D needs is a modern AF system. Not something a step above a T3. An ISO-less sensor would be nice, too. Oh, and how about the ability to set some button to White Balance? Thanks.

    But, if they really want to hit it over the wall for me personally, they could put in a dual-pixel sensor, and just make it mirrorless with a great EVF. It isn’t that great at tracking anyhow, so at least make it accurate for AF-S, and killer for manual focus?

    • zaakir

      reaching to say the least lol

  • Dave

    And where would the 5D4 be placed? My guess is, the 6D gets the 18MP sensor. Makes much more sense IMHO

    • Caerolle

      As long as the 5D has at least a little more resolution, 100% coverage, and a joystick, and of course they still keep the AF crippled in the new 6D relative to the 5D, they will keep the 5D protected. Maybe this time the 6D will move up to all cross-typ AF points! All 11 of them! Sort of the same evolution of the APS-C Rebels, except of course about 5 years behind.

      • > “and of course they still keep the AF crippled in the new 6D relative to the 5D, … Sort of the same evolution of the APS-C Rebels, except of course about 5 years behind.” .

        Cut their own throat or not; they MUST swing skillfully, quickly, carefully, and lick their wounds as best they can. Their last Camera was a ‘winner’, missing this or that (which as you note is sad), but overall a good push ahead – but they still must step up to the Plate again (if they want to get a good swing).

        With rumor that Nikon has something coming (and it USED TO be Canon’s Business to ‘beat’ Nikon), FujiFilm’s own push ahead, Sony’s (almost) never-ending successes (since the (sort of) ‘failed’ NEX Days, the GH4, and Panasonic’s next – and now they must worry if Samsung will go FF — even the small Guys are nibbling at Canon, Oly is not doing bad.

        Canon must CLEARLY beat the CATEGORY they enter, the effect on their own line is best something they consider last as they had no Crystal Ball to predict and avoid the other Product in the first place so NOW they had best not position all future Cameras behind something that was not up to snuff.

        Indeed with Camcorders taking 8 to 20+ MP Photos while recording Video (and the coming ‘4K Photo’ Fad, soon to be replaced by 8K Photo (32MP)) Canon knows it can’t swing with a wet noodle, the next had best be good.

        To ‘cheap out’ and create a whole Camera lineup fast and easy they could simply take the 5DS/R and clamp it to the 30MP APS-H crop and 19.6MP APS-C crop modes, and add Sensor Binning (to combat the A7s) – that would involve a Firmware update, a rebadge, and a lot of crying (but really a great APS-C Camera, IF it has 4K).

        Wham, ahhhh …

        (Soapbox rots and decays with the passage of time)

  • Nick

    I don’t care which sensor it uses, but I really want a tilt-swivel touchscreen. Dual-pixel AF would be great too, but I am guessing they will reserve that for the 5D IV.

    • Caerolle

      A tiltscreen would be great! Touch-enabled, even better. I don’t really get the point of dual-pixel in a 2-pound camera that uses relatively heavy lenses, though, as with an OVF, you have to be holding the camera out in front of you to make any use of it. I guess it can help with AF in video, but people serious about video dont use AF, and video isnt very good in the 6D anyhow.

    • canonwatch

      there was a rumor suggesting the 6D2 will have an articulating screen.

    • zaakir

      pro cameras will never have swivel screen

  • Moulyneau

    Is there something in the work re the 6D2 in conjunction with their mirrorless adapter patent? Who knows. First thing first is their sub-par AF. What a pain. Time to up the game, and with more than only 19 points. Canon, you hear? That’s FF for Christ-sake, i.e. meant for use with all possible glasses. Did you try taking pix at f/1.4 with a 35mm when your subject is off center? And pls stuff it with all entry level bells and whistles like swivel, flash and all. People want it, make it, don’t decide what’s good or not for them (wishful thinking though as I’m sure they never read forums…). 24mp would be just nice providing it gives one more ISO.

  • zaakir

    I could care less. bring on the 5D mark IV. My original 7D blows the 6D away in every aspect except high ISO performance.

  • Helen Higgs

    My next camera will probably be my forever camera, since impending retirement will deplete my funds. I’m watching the 6d2 and the 5d4 closely. 5d4 will have to have a lot more of what I want for what I expect to be a big price gap. With small hands, the 6d2 has already got something in its favour, but AF points, quantity and type, will be paramount. Articulating screens seem unnecessary, especially when we almost all have a smartphone in our pockets. Surely that’s a better way to go

    • Simon Lupton

      Articulated screen with no touch would do me. My 6D2 [+ 17mm & 24mm tilt shift lenses] would be used for landscapes and my M43 system for most other things.

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