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Canon EOS 70D Said To Set New Benchmark in High-ISO Performance


Canon EOS 60D, the predecessor of the highly awaited EOS 70D.
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The Canon EOS 70D is going to be announced tonight, one important online seller already has the product page ready. The latest rumor that surfaced, says the Canon EOS 70D, which has a newly developed 20MP sensor, will set a new benchmark in high ISO performance. Northlight Images reports that “the performance at 25600 […] is a great jump over extended ISO on the current 18MP sensors“.

In the meantime, the Canon EOS 60D had a concrete price drop.

  • Fuel

    Better high iso jpegs because of better noise reduction, but still low iso banding and noise in raw?

  • One More Thought

    You knew it had to come sometime: that Canon would make its big leap forward in sensor tech. This should be an interesting launch, as it will hint at technology that will spread to their other models, and not just the sensor tech, but the new AF as well.

    If they put this new tech into their EOS M line, then their EOS M all of a sudden becomes a great presence in the mirrorless market as well.

  • Eric

    How great is a great jump, esp from Canon? Let’s wait for some preview…

  • Admin

    Yes, let’s wait for some samples. We should see samples in the next 24h. As for the rumours: I have been told that the EOS 70D sports a totally new designed sensor. And the high ISO performance is said to be so good that it will be industry-leading in this class. Let’s wait and see.
    The announcement of the EOS 70D should happen this night, at midnight NY time.

  • Gabriel

    A new sensor ? So this is the new sensor for next fifth generation/fith years of camera ;)

  • Mikey

    New benchmark in comparison to other Canon ASP-C cameras? How does it compare to FF? JPEG only and/or RAW? How much better will they be able to control banding and pushing shadows. I guess we just have to wait and see….

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