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Canon EOS 80D vs Sony A6300 hands-on and comparison video

DigitalRev TV posted this 7 minuted video where they compare the Canon EOS 80D to the Sony A6300. Different worlds, you think? Not as much as you may believe. Enjoy.


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[via iso1200]
  • Wade Marks

    That was actually a good video by Digital Rev. Sometimes they get a bit silly.

    Interesting that the overall impression by the reviewer is that the 80D is superior. Doesn’t surprise me at all. Sony always goes more for specs than real world performance.

    The Canon Dual Pixel AF is superior for video AF, and the Canon has the touch screen, which is quite simply fantastic. I still do not fathom why Sony does not implement a touch screen on their higher end mirrorless options. It would seem to be a natural type of feature for mirrorless, and for Sony.

    IMHO, I would choose the Canon over the Sony any day simply because I bet the Canon will last longer, have better servicing options if needed, and of course, take advantage of the huge Canon ecosystem of lenses and accessories. While I value smaller size/weight when traveling, I do like the bigger grip of the Canon, and it’s not that heavy. Let’s say someone wants to do Disney, they can take the 80D with the fabulous 24 or 40 pancake lens, and have a wonderful experience with a lightweight package.

    Overall, the 80D is another winner by Canon, but one that will get overlooked by the gadget reviewer crowd.

    • Pancanikonpus

      same question why canon does not use flip screen in high end mark3 and ds. just weird than sony. what are they thinking running business like this.

      • Wade Marks

        I agree that Canon should use a touch/flip screen in other models…rumor has they may do so with the 5d mark iv.

        But it still is weird with Sony, or really any mirrorless model, to not have a touch screen. Mirrorless tries to sell itself as the new technology, with all of the computerized gadgetry built in….and to not have a touch screen is almost product malpractice.

        I can see not doing so with some dslr’s…esp. the 1D series…you have a form factor that works, a built in customer base who is used to those controls…but for mirrorless there is no excuse. Now again, I personally think a touch screen should be in all cameras these days and my advice to Canon would be to incorporate it into all future DSLRs.

      • Rick

        pretty easy answer actually .. ergonomics. if you compare the back screen layout of a 7D and a 80D, you’ll see how the buttons have shifted, af joystick removed,etc to make room for the flip screen.

    • Refurb7

      The 80D is the better camera. And Canon is the better system.

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