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Canon EOS M: A Camera For The Ladies (according to Canon), And To Be Released In September

DC Watch (machine translated) published an interview with some Canon executives. The interview is rather long. A few of the discussed points:

  • The EOS M should be released to the public in mid September
  • The EOS M‘s target are women. According to Canon they prefer not to have a bulky DSLR in their hands
  • m43 is no competition since the sensor is too small
  • From the beginning the goal was to make the EOS-M as good as other EOS DSLR cameras. And to make it small and light.
  • First goal is to reach a 15% of the mirrorless market share in Japan (by October)
  • Shutter from the EOS DSLR series has been miniaturized to fit into the EOS-M
  • PowerShot G1 X sales are still strong (production is 30.000 units per month)
  • A Four Thirds sensor would bring an even further advantage in miniaturization but Canon wanted to make it fully EOS compatible
  • Canon chose to have phase detection pixel on sensor because that technology works better than contrast AF on moving objects
  • EOS-M mount can not accommodate a full frame sensor
  • There is no plan for a FF mirrorless
  • No plan for now to make an adapter for FD lenses.


EOS M pre-order links:

USA & world-wide:

EOS M page on Amazon (click here), Adorama (click here), B&H (click here)
EOS M Black at Amazon (click here), Amazon UK (click here), Adorama (click here) and BHphoto (click here).
EOS M White at BHphoto (click here).
EOS M 22mm pancake at Amazon (click here), Adorama (click here) and BHphoto (click here).
EOS M 18-55mm kit lens at Amazon (click here), Adorama (click here) and BHphoto (click here).
EOS M adapter at Amazon (click here) and BHphoto (click here).
EOS M Flash at Amazon (click here), Adorama (click here) and BHphoto (click here).

Germany (Amazon DE): EOS M black with EF-M 18-55mm 1:3,5-5,6 IS STM lens and Speedlite 90EX for €849 (click here), EOS M white with EF-M 18-55mm 1:3,5-5,6 IS STM lens and Speedlite 90EX for €849 (click here), EOS M red with EF-M 18-55mm 1:3,5-5,6 IS STM lens and Speedlite 90EX for €849 (click here), EF-M 22mm 1:2 STM Pancake lens for €249 (click here), EF-EOS M Adapter for €129 (click here), (click here)

Italy: Amazon IT (click here)

UK: Amazon UK (click here)

More pre-order options here.

[via DCwatch]
  • Physica

    Then….. When will Canon introduce a mirrorless , for Mens? Sony have (NEX-7), OM have (E-M5), Panny have (GH-2) , Samsung also have.. (NX20)…. Leica are the treasure for mens long time ago…… so…… Canon think less of the demand of mirrorless for mens? with pro-grade control level ?…..

  • derek

    Canon has already released an EOS M for the ladies last month

  • Gabriel

    Oh no, i’m a men and like this EOS M, Am i gay ? According to Canon, i must buy a 3DMKIII with big 24-70mm to be a real guy with big ball ;)

  • sean

    Then why did the commercial feature a European man walking around taking pictures of fruit?


    Europe. Man. Fruit. They are targeting men who like European fruit.

  • Mando

    Really canon? That’s fine your saying your targeting a certain gender, but I when I’m driving in my car I have my nex-7 with me and not a t4i, because it’s more compact. Seriously step up and make a FF with dials & super crazy EVF.

    /facepalm @ canon.. Sigh… theres plenty of professional women togs who want some advanced stuff as men, really no gender difference.

  • Michael

    I think Canon is probably correct. My wife and most of the females I know simply don’t want to fool with all the dials and settings. They would prefer a smaller camera that works when they push the button but also gives them great IQ. This is not to say all women want this, it is the ones that I know. Contrary to modern popular delusion men and women are different and have different requirements. So Canon hit that market first now I hope they bring on the professional version for those that want to use the finer details of photography.

    • physica

      For men , lol

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