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UPDATE – Video: Canon EOS M Firmware Version 2.0 In Action (Yes, AF Is FASTER!!)

Canon EOS M

Canon EOS M & EF-M 22mm f/2 STM
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UPDATE: It turned out there are more videos (click here) testing the EOS M auto-focus with the upcoming firmware 2.0.2. The AF is tested both in the FlexiZone Multi and FlexiZone Single settings. 12 videos, I posted 6. Thanks to reader spy-spy-spy for this.

Thanks to the reader who sent me the links, greatly appreciated!

Have a look at the videos (by YouTube user Daero Lee) below to see what the upcoming firmware update (ver. 2.0.2) for the Canon EOS M is going to deliver :) The EF-M 18-55mm IS STM is tested with the old and new firmware, as is the EF-M 22mm f/2 STM. And – YES! Helluva! – the Auto-Focus is much faster than with the current firmware. Flexizone-Multi AF was used for the tests. You can see that AF using firmware 2.0.2 is a bit faster in the 18-55mm.

Let’s start with the firmware 1.0.6 (first video) vs 2.0.2 (second video) comparison using the EF-M 18-55mm at 18mm:

More videos after the jump.

Firmware 1.0.6 (first video) vs 2.0.2 (second video) comparison using the EF-M 18-55mm at 55mm:

Firmware 1.0.6 (first video) vs 2.0.2 (second video) comparison using the EF-M 22mm:

  • Bob B.

    Now if it just had a viewfinder, I would find it to be an incredibly useful back up body for my 5DIII….

    • Nick

      The viewfinder wasn’t a deal breaker for me. I have no problem handholding my big 100-400L out to about 200mm when mounted on the M. The 22mm and 18-55m lenses are also really sharp. Five minutes with the 22mm and my EF 28mm f1.8 was up for sale. It didn’t matter what I would stop the 28mm down to, the 22mm lens was still sharper wide open.

    • Brendan

      I got a Voigtlander 35mm brightline.

      Now I just need them to put a focus distance scale in :(

      • MdB

        Same here – An electronic distance scale like that on the X100 one would be awesome!

  • Mark

    I don’t own this camera so I could be wrong, but the first video looks to be using multi-point AF and the second video (the faster one) is using on square single-point AF. Isn’t it possible that the single-point AF would just naturally focus faster?

    • Admin

      Good point. That happens in 18mm comparison not in the other videos. Not sure if it is the Flexizone that makes a choices or if they set a single AF point.

      • MdB

        They do the opposite in the 22mm test, going from single point to multi-point after the update – It is still considerably faster and the 22mm is the slow focuser of the two and Canon made no specific mention to improvements with the 22, so I am happy to see improvements there as well. Can’t wait to try it!

    • me_a_man

      I noticed that too. Flexi-zone is generally slower because the cam has to scan all af-points. So, that’s not a fair comparison.
      I think that, although a bit faster it still lacks behind the competition, especially the m43 ones.

      • me_a_man

        …i meant multi-zone, of course

        • Admin

          Multizone, right. In the press release of firmware 2.0.2 Canon stated explicitly that the Af would be up to 2.3x faster when using Felxizone Multi and the 18-55.

    • spy-spy-spy

      More VDO Test Here (Have All)
      canonwatch not Post VDO Incomplete. =v=’

      • Admin

        Thank you!

    • Laurent

      Here is the muli-point AF link:

    • EOS-M Owner

      [Regarding the use of “single-point” FlexiZone versus “multi-point” FlexiZone]

      Fair comparison or not, who the bloody heck would use “multi-point,” anyway?? That’s part of the reason to get out of the “automatic” modes, anyway: So YOU can choose the focus point, not the camera. I couldn’t possibly care less about how fast “multi-point” is — I will never, ever use it. All I want to know is whether the alleged speed increase will speed up “single-point,” since that’s what I use.

      And I think the video proved that “single-point” is indeed much faster than it was before. That’s all I needed to see — I’m happy.

      That said, what I want far more than a speed-up of the auto-focus is “in-camera lens distortion correction,” like EVERY OTHER MIRRORLESS CAMERA ON THE MARKET HAS. Or, at least, all of the ones I’m familiar with do. The 18-55mm kit lens has a pretty whopping amount of lens distortion, and I’m already tired of fixing every dang time I process a picture.

      • dpeete

        I don’t understand the comment about lens distortion correction… the camera has it.

  • Nick

    WOW! That is a pretty big improvement. I bought an M a few weeks ago to complement my Canon DSLR and I have really enjoyed using it. The image quality and EF-M lenses are so good that I am now only grabbing my DSLR for use with longer telephoto lenses. I can’t wait to get my hands on this firmware update and the new 11-22mm lens.

    • Admin

      Same for me. I have the EOS M always in my bag. Can’t wait to shot with the new firmware.

    • MdB

      Me too, between the new firmware, the ridiculously low price of the M now and that new 11-22mm the M is turning out to be quite a cool little system.

      • MdB

        And of course the quality of the existing lenses.

  • Jun

    One thing I like about this camera is it is very solid feeling when you grab it. That made me wanting to see the cam’s durability test :)

  • ▶ Flexizone Multi AF 속도 (ver.1.0.6)

    ▶ Flexizone Multi AF 속도 (ver.2.0.2)

    ▶ Flexizone Single AF 속도 (ver.1.0.6)

    ▶ Flexizone Single AF 속도 (ver.2.0.2)

  • ▶ Flexizone Multi AF 속도 (ver.1.0.6)

    ▶ Flexizone Multi AF 속도 (ver.2.0.2)

    ▶ Flexizone Single AF 속도 (ver.1.0.6)

    ▶ Flexizone Single AF 속도 (ver.2.0.2)

  • peevee

    2 videos you compare at the first page are multi-point 1.0.6 vs single-point 2.0.2. Very misleading, and exaggerates the difference the new firmware makes.

    • Admin

      Has been corrected. Thank you

  • pembawa pete

    it’s not new firmware preview.
    he just speeded up the video

  • Emilio Villegas

    Hell YEAH! The Canon M is turning out to be a bloody good camera! Does anybody know when the Firmware will be up for download?

    • Admin

      on June 27th :-)

  • SteveF

    EOS M Firmware 2.0.2 is now available on Canon UK support site.

  • Theo Sim

    I have the fimware 1.0.6. Canon say Firmware Version 2.0.2 is for cameras with firmware Version 1.0.9 or earlier. Can i update?

    • canonwatch


      • Theo Sim

        Thank you i try it now.

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