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Is This The Canon EOS M3?


The image of a supposed EOS M3 showed up on DCFever, where they say it will be available later in 2014 (Photokina?). The EOS M3 has an EVF and a tiltable display.

Real or fake?

  • the way it looks the EOS M is still missing more controls but what I liked about the EOS M is the build quality. It felt really good quality wise.

  • Richard

    i’m calling fake – looks like an M2 with stuff added to it. even the highlights and shadowing looks very similar to other back images of the M2.

    not to mention i could see canon simply making the EVF addon that the G1X II has versus trying to cobble one onto the body. and why wouldn’t they use the G1X II screen mechanism which takes up less room?

  • Jonathan

    Looks like a halfway decent fake to me. After reading a few comments and checking over it, here are some problems I see…
    No divot to flip the screen open like on every other camera with an articulating LCD (picked up from someone else)
    Look at the upper left corner of the LCD panel/frame – it’s rounded, but the body has a straight line cutting across at 45 degrees.
    The LCD appears to have a 4:3 – ish aspect ratio instead of 3:2 like every other EOS camera
    The EVF looks obviously photoshopped. Looks at the bottom line of the EVF for instance.

    IMO, someone took an image of a white M2 and superimposed at 4:3 aspect ratio screen on it and added an EVF on it.

  • Eric Chan

    The source link is a trading area of a camera website. Why does a seller suddenly have secret knowledge of a new Canon product? And why the selling price is HK$8388607, more than 500 times of a 6D

  • DouglasGottlieb

    I wish Canon would make a fast focusing EOSM with tilting touch screen, EVF, more buttons and weather sealing. But this looks like a fake.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    I currently own an EOS M I only really bought because it was priced cheaper than a song and everybody sang praise for its photo and video IQ, but it has ultimately convinced me to not buy any other Canon system camera until they ditch their century old chip fab and begin making modern sensors with competitive IQ. I mean, please, everybody, put the Canon fanboy-ism aside and take a deep and sincere look at what everybody else is achieving in dynamic range, base noise and video quality: it’s really eye opening. Canon’s photos, by comparison, look flat, their WB is skewed to warm to compensate and their noise reduction is very heavy handed; the videos coming out of all their bodies below the 5D MKIII are chock full of moiré, false color, jaggies and high ISO noise, which is quite odd given how well they reduce noise on photos. It’s like Canon has decided that the IQ they achieved 5 years ago is the standard of the world, the peak of the Everest, and there is nothing more to gain, no more improvement to achieve beyond that point. I had high hopes for my EOS M: with its two very sharp lenses (I give you that) I thought it would be good enough to replace my Nikon D5200, I even bought the EF to EOS M adapter with an eye for replacing all my Nikkor glass for Canon’s, but after trying, and trying really hard, I just can´t achieve the same video quality I take for granted from the Nikon, plus the EOS M’s picture output needs so much more post handling that I have limited myself to using it only when carrying a small camera is a must. Truth is, after using the EOS M I am completely hooked to the mirrorless “think”: lightweight, compact, inconspicous, but Canon’s effort is just half serious, an amalgam of 5 year old tech, a quick way into the fray, and Nikon’s effort, although cutting edge, is completely wasted on a hopelessly small sensor. Now I find myself way too attracted to what Sony is offering, but that’s another completely different monster altogether. ‘Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’. We’ll see what Canon and Nikon bring to the mirrorless table at Photokina, but I’m not keeping my hopes high: I’m sure Sony will have a great Black Friday promo on the A6000 and that by then they will have put forward a new firmware update to bring its video quality up to par to their new A5100’s.

  • anoop mohanan

    that is an em-10 evf…so its fake….however m system would clearly be attractive if it does come with evf

  • Andrew

    That is the Olympus OMD em 10 viewfinder sized to small, cut and pasted onto the M2. Maybe another reader can spot the source camera for the flip screen, it is definitely a photoshop!

    • man

      You are right. The screen is probably from 70D.

  • Gustav223

    it´s fake you see it (EVF)

  • man

    Fake, photo shopped picture EOS M with Olympus EVF.

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