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Canon Mirrorless System Camera to be announced in May?

Canon Mirrorless Camera Concept by D. Riesenberg

I got this information from a source (thank you!). It says that Canon will showcase the upcoming mirrorless ILC to selected customers in Australia during PMA Australia at the end of May. The new camera should then be announced in June. That Canon is working on a mirrorless ILC is given for sure. Canon just released its First Quarter Earning Call, and you can find some hints concerning those plans there. Canon…

[…] will further differentiate and enhance [its] lineup by launching new cameras offering the image qualities that approaches SLR cameras; furthering the improvement in design and qualities, and by incorporating features such as network, connectivity capabilities.

Looks like the upcoming mirrorless system camera could have WiFi connectivity (let’s hope so!). I reported the probable specs of Canon’s upcoming mirrorless system camera in a previous post. Here they are again:

  • Two Cameras
  • G1 X Sensor Size
  • APS-C a possibility in one camera
  • 14 & 24 megapixels
  • EF compatibility, but not EF mount.
  • EVF on one camera
  • 3-5 Lenses announced at launch.

Stay tuned! In the meantime, have a look to Canon’s one and only attempt to get into the 4/3 market – the PowerShot G1 X, which can be yours for $724 on eBay (instead of $799, click here). Or check the continuously updated live-ticker below for possible G1 X bargains:


  • If they produce a G1 X sensor based and an APS-C, then Canon could be on a great path! Namely that they will use sensor size to differentiate the entry level from the mid and upper levels.

    • Frank

      Good point!

  • Bob B.

    yeah….but the lenses will have to be so much larger for the APS-C. Just saw that Canon is going to announce the cameras in Australia (?) at the end of May.

    • Frank

      That’s what my source told me. I am very curious!

  • Interesting news. Does anyone think it possible that Canon would make one of the rumoured cameras small by using the s100’s sensor? I find it odd that they would develop the S100 sensor and use it only kne camera.
    Like most other people I expect them to use the G1X’s sensor in one of the cameras.

  • Justin

    This site is beating the pants off of Canon Rumors lately. Keep up the good work Admin! I always found CRGuy a somewhat lazy admin as far as rumors sites go.

  • Justin

    Also, I expect it to be the same size as the G1x sensor with a whole range of proprietary lenses. It would be best if they joined m43, but alas. In any case I’m very interested if they launch with a full assortment of lenses say the equivalent of a 24 a 35 and an 85 primes. A fast wide to mid tele zoom lens (24-70) and a fast tele zoom 70-200. A kit lens of 24-105 with slower variable aperture to satisfy the masses.

    Do all that and deliver the good with a camera that matches or exceeds m43 and it could compete in the marketplace, but I kind of doubt Canon will be able to do much towards these ambitious goals.

    • Gabriel

      I guess the camera come with an allmighty 28-80 f3.5/5.6, a fast (f1.8) 50mm, a f2.8 35mm and a soccer mom 28-300 (FF equiv), like all other camera makers ;) Hope i wrong

      • I think Pentax has gone totally off the rails here. Why would annoye buy this?The whole idea of the mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC) platform is to eliminate the complicated mechanism and size of the mirror and prism of the SLR while still making it possible to interchange lenses. I can even deal with Pentax deciding to take a hit on physical size by sticking with their trusted K-mount lenses, especially since they are using an APS-C image sensor as in their digital SLRs so there is a quality and compatibility benefit.However, by omitting both an optical viewfinder and an electronic viewfinder, they have made the camera practically useless for serious photography. Given that this camera costs about the same as a digital SLR, why not just buy a digital SLR instead?It is idiocy like this that is making me seriously reconsider my investment in Pentax gear to the point where I am thinking of going over to Canon for my next purchase, and that’s really saying a lot because I’ve been an admirer of Pentax since the 1960s.

    • camerageek

      Why would Canon join that fetid steaming pile of shit know as Micro Four Turds?!?!?!?! They make actual cameras not toys that shit all over the legacy of the Olympus Pen half frame SLR or OM SLRs. I know what Canon will introduce will banish such pathetic offerings from Olympus and Panasonic to the dust bin of photographic history

      • Lordvader

        You have obviously not tried the good cameras like the Nex-7 or the OM for that matter. They are great cameras that come amazingly close to slrs in terms of picture quality and features. At the same time they are a lot less bulkier to haul around.

  • Ryan

    If it has the same hybrid AF has the Nikon V, with an APS-C sensor. I would buy it instantly. $1500 for it, consider it sold. Bring it on.

  • Ryan

    With that, I will also say i would buy it instantly because it IS a Canon. They ARE going to release great lenses in a timely manner. They ARE going to support it. They ARE going to release a “pro” version. Why would they do that? Because they are Canon. Nikon is loosing out right now because the dumbed down the V1 so much and didnt release enough lenses. If they would have released 2 fast lenses(35mm and 50mm(equiv)) at least…i think it would be doing a little better.

  • Physica

    hope the camera are not retro style , or as the photo above…… it’s very ugly…………

    maybe someone will not agree about the outlook , but for me , as a P&S camera , attractive outlook is also important… (I will look for performance if it is DSLR…)

  • Maczon

    With g1x sensor they shoud join m43 but tjat is never gonna happen. :(

  • Jun

    I have a feeling that Canon will disappoint us when their ILC come out. I hope they bring something people dreamed of. But the thing is that people’s hope is way too high. Its not easy to approach to that.
    Canon Please make something good and worth to wait and dream.

    • Frank


    • Evjenij

      Canons not gonna make digital jewlery. If you want jewlery, go buy a Leica.

      • jun

        Well, I didn’t ask for Digital jewelery or Leica. I just think that it’s really hard to satisfy people at this point. The competition is very tight. As we know Olympus OM-D is doing great, Sony NEX 7 also getting a good reviews, Fuji with it’s issues still has a lot of potential, So I was hoping Canon will do something same or better than that.

  • NEXfive

    That’s really funny: When Canon switched from FD to EF-Mount they simply lost me as their customer, since I stayed with manual lenses, and now they could get me back from connecting my old FDs to Sony’s E-Mount with a full frame mirrorless camera allowing the same also with advanced video functions…

    • Physica

      Sony’s E-Mount with a full frame mirrorless camera ?Which Model? Or you’re just daydreaming?

      Maybe it had a chance for Sony to introduce Full Frame NEX , but currently non-of them are FF.

      • NEXfive

        Well, I’m not daydreaming you’re unable to read: I’m connecting my old manual Canon FDs to Sony E-Mount APS-C and would prefer this to a full frame camera – therefore I’m hoping Canon might take the chance to get me back filling this huge gap on the market with a full frame mirrorless system…

        • Lordvader

          The fd lens can’t be that the close to the sensor. That’s why Sony has gone with a new mount and set of lenses for their aps-c nex cameras. Canon will most definitely come with a new mount and smaller lenses to go with a mirror less body. You might get an adapter at the most to fit in one of those massive slr sized lenses.

  • Used2bCanon

    I vaguely remember one of Canon’s marketing guy said that Canon did not have plan nor any valuable reason to go into ilc/mirrorless market.
    I guess most of them like politics better. They once thought their dlsr line is strong, then when mirrorless slowly eating out their cake, we all have to understand that they have to change business scheme.
    If more competitions will bring down the price of mirrorless gear, it’s the only thing i get then.

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