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The Canon drone is here, it’s named PD6E2000–AW–CJ1, and sells for $20k

Canon drone
Well, this comes as a surprise. Canon Japan posted about a Canon drone the company is going to build. The drone has the moniker PD6E2000–AW–CJ1, and is clearly made for industrial applications.

The Canon drone PD6E2000–AW–CJ1 (cool name, isn’t it?) seems to be thought to mount Canon’s terrific low light camera, the ME20F-SH, capable of ISO 4M (click here to see what it can do). The drone is a hexacopter with 6 rotors.

Canon will disclose more about the PD6E2000–AW–CJ1 at Video Transmission Expo in Tokyo. The price for the drone alone should be around $20,000. definitely not aimed at the consumer market.

Are you going to buy the Canon drone PeeDoh6eh2woo-ooh-ceeYaOne?

[via WeTalkUAV]
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