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Canon patent to automatically switch from OVF to EVF in a hybrid viewfinder

canon patent

Canon patent for a hybrid viewfinder that can automatically switch from OVF (optical viewfinder) to EVF (electronic viewfinder).

  • Patent publication number 2016-173443
    • Release date 2016.9.29
    • Application date 2015.3.17
  • Canon patent
    • Equipped with OVF and EVF
    • Trackable AF
    • Switching to EVF when it is out of the effective range of the AF sensor

In “patentish”:

[Claim(s)] [Claim 1] An image sensor (103),
A distance measurement means (110, 111) by an image sensor other than the aforementioned image sensor,
A photometry means (108) by a photometry sensor,
An optical finder (105, 106, 109) which displays an object image optically without passing the aforementioned image sensor,
An electronic view finder (114, 115) which displays a captured image obtained in the aforementioned imaging means,
Object detecting means (112) which detect a position of an object based on a picture signal acquired from the aforementioned image sensor or the aforementioned photometry sensor,
It has a tracking means (112) to track an object detected by the aforementioned object detecting means,
Based on position information on an object detected by the aforementioned object detecting means, An imaging device having a control means (101, 112) by which the aforementioned distance measurement means and ranging operation by the aforementioned image sensor are switched, and the aforementioned optical finder and the aforementioned electronic view finder are simultaneously switched for a display of a finder.
[Claim 2] It has a calculating means (112) which computes movement magnitude of a tracking object,
The photographing instrument according to claim 1 having a control means (112) which controls a decision threshold to which AF and imaging surface AF by an AF sensor are switched with movement magnitude of a tracking object computed by the aforementioned calculating means.

canon patent

[via Egami]
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