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Canon Powershot G7X Mark II and SX720 HS specs leaked, and EOS 80D announcement suggestion [CW4/CW3]

Canon Powershot G7X Mark II And SX720 HS Specs Leaked, And EOS 80D Announcement Suggestion [CW4/CW3]
Canon Powershot G7X Mark II coming soon

Specifications for two upcoming Canon Powershot cameras leaked at Digicame-Info, the Powershot G7X Mark II, which replaces the popular Powershot G7 X, and the Powershot SX720 HS, replacement for the Powershot SX710 HS.

There is also a suggestion that Canon may indeed soon announce the EOS 80D (at CP+?). I always wrote that the EOS 80D will come in Summer; I might have been wrong.

Powershot G7X Mark II specs 

  • 1 inch 20MP CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC7 processor
  • 24-100mm f/1.8-2.8
  • Image Stabilizer (IS) equipped. 
  • 9 aperture blades 
  • Control ring mounted
  • Continuous shooting up to 8 frames/sec (even JPEG even RAW)
  • 3.0 inches 1.04 million dot tilting LCD monitor
  • Touch panel
  • Display tilts 180 degrees upward, 45 degrees below
  • Full HD video
  • Time-lapse movie
  • Wi-FI built-in
  • NFC
  • Picture Styles
  • In camera RAW development

Powershot SX720 HS specs 

  • 20.3 MP CMOS sensor
  • DIGIC6
  • 40 times optical zoom
  • Image Stabilizer (IS)
  • Wi-Fi built-in
  • NFC
  • Full HD video
  • 3.0 inches 922,000-dot LCD monitor

No specs for the EOS 80D leaked. I am somewhat puzzled about a February announcement for the EOS 80D. In any case, stay tuned since we will soon know more.

[via Digicame-Info]
  • peevee

    g7x2 specs look nice. The question is if they fixed slow focus and low battery life. New processor is there, so maybe.

    • lw

      In what way do they look “nice”?
      As already mentioned, they are identical to the GX7 with an improvement in the RAW buffer.
      Of course, they may have improved the lens, performance and AF. But spec wise, little has changed.

      • Rick

        not much needed to be changed to be honest. the RAW fps was the big item.

        have to wait and see if AF and the lens has been improved.

      • tonkotsu

        gx7 is a panasonic

      • peevee

        Specs on G7x also looked nice. It is the performance that lacked. This one does 8 fps instead of 6.5, maybe other aspects of performance improved too. It would be helpful if they would improve close focus too, as it is it is useless even to shoot a small product box, food label, watch etc (I am not even talking about real macro). But I don’t think they would change the lens.
        And for real AF performance improvement, they would need to implement OSPDAF. Canon has the tech, something like Hybrid CMOS AF III is probably possible to implement without changes to underlying sensor structure.

  • Gus

    Hoping for eos m4

    • Matthew

      Not for CP+… Canon KBs just released for a future DPP rev (imminent release probable) reference the EOS 80D and new 18-135 IS USM (and 1DX II, but thats ‘ll news now) , but, same documents fail to mention anything else. G7X II wouldn’t be in DPP lens correction documents since there is no profile for the G7X so although it’s not in the documents, it wouldn’t be. I suspect the new 18-135 IS USM will be the kit lens with the 80D, makes sense since it’s a semi-pro thus sports shooter so faster AF is desirable. The STM version was no slouch, but USM is faster. See

      No 4K in the G7X II is likely because it still uses the RX100 III sensor, which couldn’t do 4K readout. There is a 6 month embargo on new Sony techs being resold to external, read Canon. So a G5X II could see 4K, but since the G5X is new, don’t count of a refresh for some time.

      80D? Possible 4K. I’d expect to see 24MP APS-C with DPAF or better. They obviously didn’t release the 80D update with the new 24MP sensor at the same time or around the 750D/760D/M3 because it was hybrid cmos AF III, not DPAF so it’d be a step down. I expect the 80D to have either a DPAF variant of the same sensor, possibly with newer DPAF II, or, perhaps a completely new APS-C sensor, I could see the 80D being a launching pad for a new sensor tech, which the 70D’s sensor is the backbone behind the 7DII. 19-Point AF is a given. Moreover, at first glance on timelines the 80D is illogical for release at this time, but, on second glance, if Canon wanted to move technology downwards, read DPAF into Rebels, they’d have to make a 24MP APS-C with DPAF, which you’re talking next year this time, so 80D needs to come first if Canon is working on any new APS-C tech, say A/D on chip or 24MP w/DPAF or new APS-C altogether, etc etc. What’s troubling isn’t the no M4 at this time, but rather no SL2 at this time. Perhaps Canon has decided those two compete?

      In short I expect no Pro-M / EOS M4 based off the recent leaks and rumors at CP+, but, the DIGIC7 specs collaborate the rumor of the M4/Pro-M having 8FPS or better which is good. Also although I have no desire for a 80D, not my cup of tea, I’ll be very curious about it’s specs as it could mirror the specs of a M4/Pro-M later this year as it may (probably) adopt the same sensor, whatever that may be.

  • Chaitanya

    I would really like to see 4K with DPAF on 80D along with a Dual SD card slot(atleast one capable of UHS-II speeds). Also its quite surprising that dumbarse Canon still doesnt want to implement 4K video in their cameras whereas their competitors already have 4K capable consumer cameras for good 2 years now.

    • Wade Marks

      I agree that Canon should put 4K into this release, as well as all others…it’s come to be expected to remain competitive in the video area today. Also, this camera will probably be current for at least 2 years or so, and so when you release today you have to consider market conditions a while down the road. At that point every camera will have 4K, no doubt.

      The 80D would make sense for 4K as the 70D is very oriented towards video with its DPAF, touch and articulating screen. And with this being more of a consumer model, it could help popularize 4K.

      The 70D sold very well for Canon; it’s at a very sweet spot in terms of price and features. The 80D needs to be another strong release because this model in their lineup brings in a lot of profit and helps establish their reputation with the average consumer.

      That being said, we don’t know that “Canon doesn’t want to implement 4K video in their cameras”…Canon is now releasing their next gen cameras this year. The new 1DX mark ii has 4K…so there’s one indicator that Canon does want to implement 4K.

      • Chaitanya

        I had purchased a 70D for my company, it really is a capable camera. I have been using Canon D-SLRs for a long time now, and when it comes to macro work thanks to MP-E 65 I cannot think of switching systems.
        At this point many people are getting sick of Canon holding back their lower end cameras to protect the higher end models. There are many features like Dual card slots and AF point linked Spot metering which Nikon and other camera manufacturers have implemented on lower end model and don’t seem to affect sales of the more expensive models.
        Sure 1DX mark II got 4K video but it doesnt seem to have any Log profiles and does Mjpeg video which bloats the size of clips to unreasonable levels. again video on that camera seems like Canon is protect its Cinema line of cameras.

        • Wade Marks

          I agree with everything you say: the 70D is a great camera, the MP-E 65 is an incredible macro lens.

          I do think any company, including Canon, should just release the best camera they can at each price point, and not worry about one of their products cannibalizing the other. As Steve Jobs famously said, if we don’t make our own products obsolete others will. Several other Apple execs have reiterated this philosophy and it’s worked out well for them, I’d say.

          Canon should make the 80D a great video cam as well, given it’s touch and articulating screen, it’s DPAF, etc…it’s not going to threaten the 1DX ii no matter what…they serve entirely different markets. With the camera market being so competitive these days, the goal should be just to have a customer buy Canon…any Canon. Canon should give the 80D the new sensor tech with far better DR, as well as 4K. With that it would sell like hotcakes.

          • Chaitanya

            I also have ergonomic complaint with 70D and 60D, the D-Pad used for AF point selection is quite low(70D was better than 60D in that respect) and it hurts my thumb during use. If on 80D canon moves that D-Pad up by maybe 1/2in it would be perfect. If canon does implement video properly on 80D it can definitely take away sales from Panasonic’s GH4. I know a lot of youtubers who shifted to GH4 while getting rid of Canon bodies for the 4k video. when 80D comes out it will cost in the same ballpark as that of Gh4 or Gh5 (when its released) and 4k+DPAF+Articulating Touchscreen display might bring back a lot of lost user base back to Canon.

  • Wade Marks

    Great if they could get the 80D out sooner; the 70D is so much fun. That way they could have it ship and be in stores in sufficient quantity for the spring and summer season when a lot of consumers buy their new cameras.

  • SoapyEyes

    hopefully it doesn’t have the insane AF problems of the 70D

    nothing like typing 70D AF problems into youtube and seeing hundreds of videos with center point AF problems

    and canon denying it

    the quality of japanese products has been extremely low lately

    • Rick

      and yet hundreds, if not thousands use it just fine.

      • SoapyEyes

        not really, almost everyone who puts a fast prime on there, use the center focusing square and puts an object at reasonable distance, will encounter the issue

        • Rick

          nope, not at all.

          the point is remembering that the 70D does not have a dual cross support for quicker than 2.8 lenses, which means that the focus accuracy will be at 2.8, not at say, 1.8. while the focus was okay with canon quicker lenses that worked with USM, older lenses, and sigma seemed to have more issues landing the focus in the same area consistently. the main problem lens that people kept harping on was mostly the sigma 18-35.

          canon AF and really any PDAF that doesn’t use CDAF, will only move to focus within the specific “depth of focus”, never with 100% accuracy.

      • lw

        More like 100’s of thousands. Can have sold millions on DSLRs since the 70D’s launch. A significant number of them will be 70D.
        In that context, a very, very, small % had a problem. Annoying for them, but everyone else is happy. I am :-)

        • You are correct. A small percent with early production batches. I know because I had one. Got a 2 year newer one and it’s fine.

      • Wrong! I had an early 70D. It would miss focus with all my lenses. A 2 year newer model works like it should. I tested both cameras. Exact settings, lighting, targets…. Older camera missed focus where the newer one did no The older camera would show it had locked focus but it was not in focus. When using the version 1, 50mm at f1.8 the Newer camera was in focus every time. My 60D focused perfect too. From what I can tell Canon corrected the problem around May 2014.

        Do you / have you owned / used an early production 70D?

        • Rick

          yes my mine was fine.

          • That’s good. My first one wasn’t and I thought it was me at first but realized it was the camera and I wasn’t the only one.

            Sorry to have been a bit harsh but so many people have acted like it’s a user problem. Like the owners Don’t know how to use the camera. That was my 4th Canon DSLR and 6th slr in about 28 years at the time. That attitude from people makes me mad. Canon should have acknowledged it and made it right with buyers. Unfortunately their behavior is typical.

    • I don’t usually agree with your comments but you are exactly right. Been there, done that with the 70D. On my second one. Newer one. No problems with focus. Early one…. AF Problems alright. However DPAF was perfect.

    • John

      I have tested this on a few different 70D with a few fast lenses and could not replicate the issue. If you do have a body that has this issue then the only way to replicate it would be to do the test exactly, which in everyday shooting you won’t be able to anyway and if you do then play the lotto. Every Camera Body has gremlins if you do the exact steps to replicate them, this is part of being man made and nothing is perfect. Out of every SLR body that i have played with i must say even today that the 70D is Canons most solid model for price to features and performance. Spend a little less on the models down and get a lot less features, spend a lot more on the models up and get a few more features.

      • I agree the 70D is a great camera. But please read my comments. I had a faulty 70D. It was very easy to replicate the focus problem. Simply put the newer camera worked consistently and the older one didn’t in my test set up.

  • Bror Svensson

    g7x has 1080p not 4k. good job canon, Those specs looks great for 2013!

    • tyger11

      “Hey, wait for us; we’re the leaders!” – Canon

    • Rick

      yes, because taking 3-5 minutes of 4k and having the camera shut down is “the new 2016”.

      • lw

        3-5 mins of 4K is infinitely longer than 0 mins ;-)
        Feature films rarely have a shot lasting longer than 5 mins… average shot length is measured in seconds.

        • Rick

          i doubt anyone is using a RX100 or a G series camera for feature filming.

          the point is .. go to sony if you want spec sheets and “on paper performance”. canon wouldn’t do it, because that simply isn’t reliable.

          • MdB

            LOL, like the 16fps spec sheet item of the 1DX II? Don’t worry the ‘spec sheet’ pocket camera can do that.

  • mclaren777

    That’s just a G7X with a better buffer and NFC. :(

  • Wade Marks

    One interesting point is this: the new 80D whenever it comes, will probably be for most consumers a far better option than any mirrorless camera: most likely better priced, better performance, including AF and battery life, real time OVF, and a far better lens and accessory ecosystem. It will still be a nice size and weight, not too large for most people to carry.

    • peevee

      What does it have to do with G7x?
      Regarding 80D better priced – it will be $1000 body only as usual, hard to compete with a6000, doing AF at 11fps, at $398.
      And most importantly, with mirrorless a user will not come home after a day of shooting only to discover that the whole shot was done in B&W because he or somebody in this household just set the option and forgot about it (as one moron I know personally did). Or with wrong exposure, blowing all highlights, on on the contrary, shooting everything to dark. Instant, BEFORE SHOT preview in the viewfinder is indispensable thing. And no need to calibrate every lens in every focal length and focus distance and for every focus point to focus properly (let alone that 3-imensional matrix is simply not available in most cases) – the focus is right there on the sensor.
      Battery life mostly depends of course on a battery and on a processor used. When Canon installed a small battery into SL1, its battery life became as small as that of mirrorless with similarly small batteries. Not to mention that Canon processors suck just like their sensors (compare battery life of Nikon D5 at about 5000 with 1Dx II at 1500 or so).

      • Wade Marks

        This post mentions the 80D along with the G7x.

        The Sony a6000 feels like a toy; I wouldn’t trust it to last longer than a year or so of heavy usage. It has a high fps spec for AF, but it’s not always accurate; it tracks poorly; not nearly as responsive as a dslr. The EVF is mediocre and falls apart in dark conditions, and of course there is that EVF lag.

        With the Sony, all of the good lenses are very expensive, whereas you can get a lot of great glass for Canon at very modest prices.

        I don’t know many dslr shooters who accidentally shoot in B&W; of course if they shoot in RAW it doesn’t matter. But I’ll take that chance regardless to not have the lag of an EVF imposed on my shooting.

        The SL1 actually has quite good battery life compared to mirrorless, but as this post is about 80D it doesn’t matter; the 80D will smoke any mirrorless in battery life.

        • peevee

          ” it tracks poorly”

          It actually tracks much better than most DSLRs.

  • Sean

    No 4K or EVF? No thanks, maybe the G7X III. Sure hope they fixed the poor AF.

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